If everything is energy can we change our energy to change to become a new person

i am thinking about something: everything is energy. We are energy. If we can change our energy we can change ourself. I am thinking about something- if i destroy all my current energy meaning destroying myself what will.happen? Can i manipulate my energy so i become a new person with different memories and reality?

Everything is energy but not to such a simplified way of thinking like that.

energy is not created nor destroyed only transformed to another state.

But overall in your way of thinking no, however, in some forms of reincarnation your energy is recycled and you’re no longer who you once were, but currently no it’s not a thing.

So can i transform all my energy so i become a completly new person without dying?

No, your energy takes on traits from your personality, you wont become a new person with new memories and such. It’s not probable.