If curses work why do powerful people of the public don't die every day?

If curses work, why are people like Obama and Putin alive for so many years without any problems? So many people have issues with them and could do curses.

Because as many, if not more, love them. Align with them. Associate them with the best interests of their nation, descendents, etc.

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Because magic is the manifestation of your will upon the world. Very charismatic leaders have a powerful will. It’s your will against theirs.

There are at least three reasons that powerful people don’t die very day from curses:

  1. Most people can’t cast an effective curse.

2} The cursers have no connection to the powerful leader they are trying to curse. I don’t believe that a photo from the internet is a sufficient object link for a random member of the public to use in a curse.

  1. More powerful leaders practice occultism or employ occultists of some sort than is commonly realized. Occult protection from entities and thought forms is actually one of the easiest things to do.

Everything that’s been said and consider this:

Most of these people fill up powerful archetypes that are sustained by the collective unconscious. For example presidents, actors etc.

Occasionally you see actors die after long periods of depression. It is often those who played negative characters whom many people wanted to die during a movie.

Another good example is: police officers. Why do they not die like flies, considering how many criminals should be sending them negative thoughtforms on a daily basis? Individual spiritual protection, support from the public, etc.

Another reason people don’t die easily is they go with the flow. People who go with the flow (sort of like Taoism) are easy to be around. While you might hate them, a lot of other people might consider them a vital part of their existence.
This goes especially for politicians, police etc: They often simply do their job, so there is hardly any friction with others.

It gets more interesting when a whole nation sets itself against an individual like Saddam Hussein, or Osama Bin Laden. If the nation is strong enough and focused enough it is a literal death sentence. That said, a lot of energy is funneled towards the target, if they know how to use it it can be a powerful tool.

Whole nations can also be cursed, and this effect is obviously strengthened during times of war. Look at Germany post WWII. It set its Will against the world and was destroyed. Similar phenomena can today be witnessed in the Islamic world. The Islamics and Nazism are somewhat similar, as both groups focus their Will on one definitve symbol. Nazis = Sieg Heil = Victory as symbolized by the two interlocked Sieg Runes. Muslims = Allah. This focus can carry a group through difficult periods, as their enemies’ focus is usually dispersed over time while this single pointed focus, if sustained, can bring victory.

Also, the combined and focused Will of larger groups, such as occult societies can enhance the effect of a curse. Say you have 20 trained adepts cursing one individual, there will most definitely be quite an effect. This effect can be more powerful than a million untrained members of the public, using their unfocused Will against a person. Hence, why people like Putin might have periods where they struggle but don’t trip all the way. Contrary to JFK who was most likely not only cursed, but a definite plan for his assassination created. (ok I’m delving into conspiracy theory here)

Either way going back to your idea of why don’t curses work on powerful individuals? Say you cursed Obama tonight. He might have a slight headache for 2 minutes, if your curse is strong enough. At the same time he receives countless blessings from millions around the world, people whose hopes depend on him. To give you an idea, Donald Trump is currently the presidential candidate with the most facebook followers, he has about 4 million. Obama has 45 million or so. Hence why even when he faces trouble, its easier for him to get out of it, and the backlash on those who try to harm him is quite heavy.
This was also one of Hitler’s advantages until the war. If you study doctor’s reports from during the war, there is often the mention that he had severe headaches that came out of nowhere. Also his decision making became erratic. Fanatics will of course disagree, but the facts speak for themselves.

You can also see nations like Israel, which are technically not at war, receiving massive amounts of focused hate, daily since decades. That is one reason there is so much trouble going on in that country.

hahahaha yeah you know that type of old women who cry when some corrupted statesman gets arrested… but he didn’t took away their pension, so they love him. and pray for him also…

you see, the real question is not, if curses work, why don’t all politicians just drop dead and die… but

for fuck sake, in what twisted dimension of idiocy do i live, surrounded by morons, on a planet infested with population of mentally ill unconscious hamster-submissive-slavy living gods who just keep on creating a mess out of everything


how the hell i get out of this joint :slight_smile:

Because powerful people are unfortunately powerfully protected.

Yeah, Obama is coming here in a few days, like next week I believe. Why? Don’t know because I didn’t care enough to ask why. But he has ruined this country even more than the last presidents ever did. At least if Bush was still in office we’d have already bombed the shit out of the countries that pose the biggest threat to us but instead Obama pulled the troops out and has allowed the radical Islamist bastards to continually infiltrate our country and kill innocent citizens, but that’s what happens when you let a muslim man become president of a non-muslim country. I tried warning people back before he was even elected but me and others who think like me were rejected as being racist simply because we disagreed with a man who was a different color than us. Go figure, the Obama voters made their beds but now we’re all lying in them and those beds are covered in shit so put the puzzle pieces together.

I’m not trying to be a prick,or anything,and I really don’t care about politics.Like at all.Especially American politics which doesn’t concern me.Like at all.

However,president Obama,is not a Muslim.He has repeatedly stated that he is not a Muslim,but we don’t really trust his word,so it’s best to examine the evidence.

Like the fact,that during Ramadan,the president is seen ordering lunch,and eating pork hotdogs even.The fact that Obama has scheduled several meetings and such during times of Muslim prayer.The fact that the White House doesn’t give enough charity for it to be considered zakat,and that he claims to be Christian,and thus isn’t professing that there is no God but God any time soon,and thus,we can safely assume that he is either not a Muslim or a really bad one.

Also,isn’t the US supposed to recognize a division between Church and State,and not letting religion get involved in politics?

However,this is seriously off-topic,for something about whether or not politicians get bombarded with curses

I meant that Obama does not have an American birth certificate and I saw documentaries that show he was born in Kenya, supposedly but that the area he lived in had a lot of Islamists and his mother was supposedly one too, and his middle name is Hussein or however it’s spelled. Several years ago when asked he would not answer any questions that asked what his beliefs were but suddenly after being accused of being an atheist or Islamist he starts thanking god and bowing his head in prayer when he never did that before so I think it’s all an act.

But this was not too much off topic, the OP was asking about Obama and others and I was only showing that yes, many people do dislike him so why is he still in office? And many U.S. citizens think he is Islamist, not just me, even documentary makers and other politicians have called him that before and he never addresses it, never tries to put the public at ease. I just figured even though religion should be kept out of politics, he would at least have said something many years ago to keep people from starting rumors if this is not true. And also, for the record, I’ve yet to see any president while I have been alive that actually keeps religion out of politics. They have all mentioned god, they’ve all prayed on Tv or bowed their heads while someone else did and so on. I actually saw Obama lead a prayer at some church on Tv a few weeks ago but it seems ingenuine so I think he just he does that to appease people.

But, if he truly was born in Kenya Africa then I bet he knows some major mojo that would keep him protected. I know not all Islamists are bad people but with past events, Americans are scared and simply want to know the truth about their leader and why he pulled the troops back home, the troops that while under Bush’s rule were slowly helping to eliminate terrorist threats but now most of them are back home and more and more tragedies are occuring under the wings of the Isis group.

People that think the President actually controls anything are ignorant.
And equally ignorant are those that think they actually elect a President…

[quote=“DGLN, post:11, topic:6492”]People that think the President actually controls anything are ignorant.
And equally ignorant are those that think they actually elect a President…[/quote]

Right,because of stuff like this.


The presidents here,though,do have quite a degree of control.And I say presidents,because there’s three of them,and no one can make any decisions without the approval of all three.Which means,that a lot of stuff doesn’t end up happening.

[quote=“DGLN, post:11, topic:6492”]People that think the President actually controls anything are ignorant.
And equally ignorant are those that think they actually elect a President…[/quote]

And people that post to topics just to say something rude about previous posters are annoying…just saying

I never said the president controls anything, but he never tries to talk to the right people to get anything done. I am fully aware that the president doesn’t get the final say on anything and that our votes are only there to make us think we have the right to choose elected officials when really the person who wins is the person that had the most money paid to congress on their behalf from rich elite bastards that pay people off. I know all about the payoffs. I’m not ignorant, if you were referring to me. But ever since Obama got in office the country has gone to shit worse than ever before.

We call ourselves free, ha yeah right. There is no such thing as freedom in any country! We say we have a choice, no we don’t they just make us think we do so we will be happy and remain calm. There is always some kind of voting recall so it’s obvious they are doing this so they can fix the results to their liking.

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I look forward to hearing from the right people.

My apologies for turning this topic too political. Got carried away.