If attracted to more then 1 magick direction how do you pick which to follow?

The question I need answered is : if you are drawn towards more then 1 path of magick how do you know which path to take?

I know there are some threads on paths but the ones I read were a bit vague on how you go about deciding which magickal path to follow with advice like follow your heart but my hearts drawn in 2 directions so it wasn’t helpful to see follow your heart in the other threads I read cuz it sorta feels like my hearts in the middle and my choice options are playing tug o war with the rope.

I’m attracted to several paths, and am unsure how to pick one to try following to see if it’s for me.

I’m attracted to the Draconian path, the Klippoth (sort of), and Egyptian magick.

I’m basically trying to decide between Draconian and Egyptian.

Is there a way to tell which one is for you at a given point in time? How do you know which one your most strongly pulled towards when it seems as if the attraction is pretty near equal?

I should say I’m not sure about my attraction to klippoth (pardon my spelling if I spelled it wrong). When I first started hearing of it specifically of its correspondences to calendar dates I was like dayam I’ve always felt that that should be a holiday about sone of those dates. However I don’t feel ready to tackle that path yet so am not really considering it.

I am however drawn towards the Draconian and Ahrimanian magick paths and strongly drawn towards looking into Egyptian magick (I feel a strong attraction to Sekhmet and Bastet, but I’m not sure if I’m really drawn towards it or it’s a residual attraction from when I was a kid cuz when I was a kid I felt a pull towards or fascination with set.

When I was a kid and heard about the Egyptian gods I felt strongly drawn toward them or strongly fascinated by them, especially Set at that time. I felt drawn enough to him to start trying to carve a statue of him (but then life happened and it got shelved, and when mom paid someone to clean out the garage the unfinished statue carving disappeared I think they threw it in the garbage. I’m any case I never finished it
So I’m not sure which direction to go in.

As to Draconian well I’m strongly attracted to Lucifer and some of his masks in that path and I’ve always loved dragon related stuff and try (emphasis on try) to collect dragon figures.

So how can you tell which direction to go when you feel drawn to more then 1 path?


Work both.


You can always work with more then one path. My suggestion is that if you choose to work with both Draconian and Egyptian. Balance them, work with one for a little bit, take a break, then work with the other and vice versa.

I’m drawn to a few myself such as Draconian, Qliphoth, Egyptian, Norse, Vampirism, Necromancy, Gatekeepers, and perhaps even Haitian Voudan. Look at E.A., he’s worked with many different paths as well.


First I’d read posts on both paths, read about experiences and talk to them to know what it’s like. Weigh the emotional factors, since that’s my main concern, it’ll be different for everyone.

Then I’d see what would help me more currently. Is it path A, or path B? You know, weighing in mundane factors like time, etc.

Then I’d look at the experiences. I know experiences are subjective, but if I were to pick between Enochian and the Qliphoth, they’re difficult in their own different ways, right? I’d look for what I will prefer going through first, and think if one will serve as a base/primer (?) for the other.

Finally, if it’s just not clear, and you don’t want to do 2 together, divination can help, or asking your guides for some advice.


Well you should follow your intuition and walk thr paths you’re called too. I don’t work through specific paths per say but I do alternate deities at times when I’m pulled to them


Have you ever thought about the temple of Ascending Flame? You sound like you’d love what bill Duvendack and Asenoth Mason are doing. :black_heart:


Systems are cool and all, but in chaos magick you can basically do anything, I like to mix certain systems together and you can still get results but before doing that I’d do some homework on the systems I’m mixing together for optimal compatibility, like for example you can mix draconian and dragon magick pretty well or Hindu, Norse and Egyptian also pretty good combo, it’s up to you, in my opinion any combination can work, but those with similar resonance should definitely work better together




“Nothing is true, everything is permitted”. Do both, or if you’re really set on following an actual path, then pick the one that really screams at you and draws you in.

You’ll probably be surprised at where the journey takes you either way. It likely will be nothing like you envisioned. Entities will try and get your attention even if you’ve never even thought about working with them. Or they’ll tell you to go and call someone else.

It’s like asking, how do you drive home at night when it’s dark and there are no streetlights on? You simply navigate by the few metres of ground illuminated in front of you by the headlights. That’s how you find your own path.


I agree wjth this statement, I’ve had entities call me up too, even though I haven’t worked with all of them… this is possible, as much I love the idea of summoning spirits, the path of godhood means you will no longer need them, and you will depend on your power instead of external forces, ultimately it depends on the person and what resonates for them, I do both


Be careful with Draconian, you can really blow your face off with that stuff. Take it slow.
Same goes for the Qlipoth, that shit is no joke!


No kidding. I’ve read a bit so ya I know. Just want to add though that no magick is a joke (although some are more serious and or dangerous then others).

@Titan.M Want to elaborate on that?

Elaboration is not really necessary, as I’ve read about some of the potential risks/harms that could happen if you jump in with both feet unprepared BUT if you want to elaborate I’ll welcome the added information/knowledge.

The only kind of Magick that’s a joke is the guy who pulls a never ending hanky out his pocket and a rabbit out of his hat on stage (fake) magic.

Im kind of of the opinion that there are potential risks to all magick if you are unprepared (the opinion having been formed as a result of way back when I did my first magick and ended up experiencing a possession by an entity so I as a result I don’t take a laissez faire attitude about any magick).

So thanks. I’m definitely not gonna jump in without readying myself. With that said, I’m likely going to start with Egyptian and then go to draconian (if the pull stills there once I’ve done Egyptian magick).

In looking into the paths I noticed an overlap between Egyptian and Draconian (the overlap area having to do with Set and Apep/Apophis) so I think I’ve decided to start with Egyptian now.


Yeah draconian is probably too intense… better to go with Egyptian.


So now the fun begins. By fun meaning trying to find good books/grimoires on/of Egyptian magick.

As well as good books on the mythology (I know a bit but definitely need to learn some more).

Also I need to find a good dictionary/compendium that lists as many of the known gods & godesses of ancient Egypt. I borrowed one from the library once that was pretty good but I don’t remember its name and the library still isn’t fully open so you can browse and borrow yet. That book had tons of gods and godesses listed like Tawret and Sobek as well as the well known ones like Isis, Set, Osiris and Horus

Any good book recommendations?

I’ve started searching threads but there’s quite a few of them so I’d really love it if someone could help out by naming books or at least linking me to good threads that make some good book recommendations (looking through 10 threads earlier I found 1 thread that named books so finding the info I’m looking for is slow going. It’s going like you find 1-10% useful threads and then 90-99% that are not what I’m looking for).

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Apep is quite vamyric in nature.hes not a bad deity to work with though and can ward off more malicious entities. Some consider him a dragon entity. To me he is serpentine but quite similar to Tiamat.

Unfortunately I didn’t use any books while jumping in. I used information online and on YouTube along with my own path walking. I do recommend working with the entity you feel most pulled to first and be prepared because these deities are some of the most awesome I’ve worked with and I still invoke them into my protections. There’s also a lot of Egyptian themed music about the Gods on YouTube. It helps connect to them

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Your desire to learn at the moment will be pretty strong and this creates many options for you to take, hence the dilemma kicks in as to which one to take. In this situation do not let your heart guide you as the opportunities arising can drive you into mental meltdown. Think of what each path can possibly give you at that moment in your life and simply pick the most logical for now. So it’s a question of using your head for now instead of your heart. Remember my friend, you can always change later on and this will probably happen automatically as your mind or heart will know as you progress up that ladder, or down the rabbit hole.


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