If alternate universes were real…

If parallel or alternate universes were real, would there be an alternate astral plane or a common astral plane? Could the astral plane lead us to alternate physical dimensions and timelines?



I would say the astral would also have to be alternate, as physical reality is manifested down though it.

You’d have to switch universe entirely, the places are all part of the same version of the universe so you cant pick bits of it to enter and not others.

You access them by changing your vibration so that you ‘fit’ or resonate better with the other universe and naturally exist in that instead of the one you came from. I think of it like changing lanes on the highway. It’s not too crazy to change to another lane next to you, changing to a highway across the state not so much.


Do you think in a multiverse there is an overarching single principle whereby they can even be considered “multiple”? Because multiplicity is occurring in a common context, multiple in relation to…what? And therefore there could be something more holistic in relation to both?

There’s this idea of “convergence” where some events are so highly probably that you could say the universes coalesce around this point so the options are more limited. I think it’s more like a model that allows your mind to think in certain ways for certain problems rather than any kind of reality, it’s a thought experiment to describe probability outcomes.

Choices, imo. Your choices, your energy. As soon as you get to “shall I make tat cup of tea now or after I wee” you already have two universes, maybe you have more for every footfall that could have been 2mm to the left or right… it gets sillier and less useful as a model the more you think about it.

And in the event of things, it makes no sense for the universe to have created equally all versions with all possibilities of all events when many may never have happened in any version. Probability has a percentage, that is not an aspect that is at all addressed in the model that all possibilities exist somewhere. A model that does not predict or address all the observations is not a reliable model.

This concept is merrily taken the piss out of in the book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy which fuels a ship with the “improbability drive”. :slight_smile: I recommend that read/audiobook to anyone.

Yes, the one you’re in. Gurdjeff said a mouthful when he said “change yourself to change your world”. :slight_smile:


I had a dream once. A not so pleasant dream. In fact it was more of a psychotic trance induced because I was not taking a prescribed medication. It started out as I was with a dealer friend of mine. We were in his living room and there was a boatload of DMT on his table. Somehow this stuff fell off the table and spilled and we were both unexpectedly dosed. I remember from that moment seeing from some alternate point of view what looked like a neural synapse. This neural synapse looking thing was in fact a very zoomed out view of our individual/personal realities blended. Down the length of each tendril of the neuron was an alternate and unique reality, each to be governed by our perceived understanding of the laws of time and each lived out in turn before I could effectively come down from the DMT and return to what I knew to be MY reality. This trance state was so very real to me in my state of mind I woke up to believe years had passed. It was a mind fuck. Something I suppose you would have to witness yourself to understand or believe. I do believe in alternate realities. Sometimes I wonder if right now I am actually still tripping on DMT on this guys carpet and when my life is over as I know it I will wake up from this trance and go back to my original life… If you can imagine it, whatever that is you’re imagining, it exists, in some form or another.

Imagining is the act of creation.