If a child has powerful respected parents what’s the underworld like after death

Read the title it says it all but to add to it.
Let’s say 2 powerful spirits create a spirit and that spirit is incarnated but then dies. What’s the underworld like for that child
Just something my mind has conjured up.

Respected parents in the spirit world?

Yeah highly respected and powerful

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Maybe @anon48079295 would know because he travels to spirit world often.

Can you see if he will answer my question? (Please)
I don’t have the accessibility to send a chat

What’s your magical specialty?
My magical specialty is I’m connected with the demonic qliphoth energy! I was created with qliphoth energy

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I don’t know mine

Maybe try working with energy getting a feel
For certain energies.
Some energies are dangerous but as long as your safe with the amount of energy you absorb. you won’t overdose on a certain energy. If you go over the safe zone your soul
Could end up in the pit or you could die.
(Dying is my fate)
I overdosed on demonic energy
I am dying so I’m wondering what the underworld is like! If any of you have been to the underworld I would like to know your travels.

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What? I can still think I’m dying by too much demonic energy but that doesn’t prevent my thinking ability

You made up a hypothetical situation that people can only ever speculate over. It isn’t much different than wondering who would win in a fight between Batman and Wolverine.

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However, reincarnation isn’t for people with special parents. Everyone does it.

If Lilith and say Lucifer had a child and it reincarnated then died the child could reincarnate again or go to the infernal and take on a role within his family/the infernal or ignore the infernal all together.

Alright thanks that was very helpful

That child is likely to be one of thousands if not millions, it makes no difference what your sires are, what matters is ability and goals. Their path is thier own, so they must do as they will. Nepotism is a human thing.

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I highly doubt entities are above favoritism, Azazel has shown favoritism for his daughters over his sons, A God can also very much favor their own creations over someone else’s as well. Nepotism is a natural part of forming bonds of various levels. Humans did not create favoritism, that’s an improbable idea.


Dunno. Based on my weird dreams which don’t act like dreams but sort of like obe or atral connection the number of friendly beings is tremendous. I’ve ran into many personalities and “people” and its just odd. Maybe because i’ve lost most if not all fear of death and damnation i just can’t find punishment pits or “dark angry edgy” beings. Gotta be different for everyone i think. Perhaps part of the process of ascension.

Do spirit children of powerful spirit parents get an advantage? Maybe? Or maybe they have to prove themselves harder.

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I also don’t care if they do get favoritism. Good for them. As negative as i am at times i’m happy to know beings would care for their creations. I was born into existence to strive for… doesn’t mean i’ll succeed. My real name basically means bring forth and create many battles.

Favoritism is just natural, idk why people try and ignore it’s existence in places it exists but eh. but favoritism doesn’t mean everything is handed to them, it could also mean like you mentioned earlier that they have to try harder because the favoritism puts more pressure for them to thrive.

My feelings on this are along the lines that just because ones parents or demonic parents are of high rank and or position really should not affect this said child but more along the lines of hinder them because there will be expectations placed on oneself to achieve the same level of status and or go far beyond those of said parents. Privilege can be a curse in it’s one right because of the level of the bar one should meet and or achieve… So be careful for what you want cause it could be a let down to those one’s parents and then failures can be meet with stiff repercussions…

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