I read a post on this forum about idol worship and one thing that came out as very important is consecration of the statue you have bought.
I want to know some of the good ways of consecrating a newly bought idol.

Has anyone worked the West African way of idol worship before?

This is how I consecrate my statues:

Perform the Demonic banishing and light a white candle and Frankincense incense.

I hold the Statue up to the flame and say, “I cleanse this item in fire that it may be purified with the Astral purifying energies.”

Then sprinkle the statue with water and say, “I purify this item with water that it may be cleansed with the astral purifying energies”

Sprinkle the statue with salt and say, “By salt I make this statue pure and bring it great stability.”

Then wave it through the incense smoke and say, “By smoke may this statue be charged.”

And then I Hold the statue on high and say, “By [Daemons Name to whom I’m dedicating this statue to] I consecrate this device to [Demon’s name], that it may be cleansed & charged by your energies.”

And then Anoint the statue with an oleum associated with the demon you’re dedicating this statue to.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful method with me. But my statues I want to work with are not demons but Hindu gods. I will improvise it to suite my work. Thank you once again.

Try this tutorial from this thread, it’s a guide to creating thoughtforms that can be used to make very powerful idols.

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