Idolatry -- Anyone with practical experience?

I’m wondering if anyone has any practical experience with creating and using idols to connect with spirits.

I’m looking for instructions on how to link a spirit to the idol and how to use it for evocation.

Also, can you anchor more than one spirit to a single idol?

I searched the forums and couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Idol is not the correct term. You are thinking more along the lines of a “fetish.”

Lots, but a bit too busy to marshall thoughts and post now, will try this weekend. :slight_smile:

Jahbulon, I used “idol” because I’ve heard E.A. use it in this context.

I’m not looking to create an object to worship the spirit. I just want a tangible permanent object that creates a strong link between me and the spirits I’m currently working with. And I would a link that gets stronger the more I use it.

Lots, but a bit too busy to marshall thoughts and post now, will try this weekend. :)

Awesome. No hurries.

You Could Take a Symbol, and Object or a Representation of the Spirit you want to Work with, Evoke the Spirit and Ask Him to Imbue the Object with his Essence, Ask Him to let a ‘‘Part of Himself’’ in that Object.

Explain to him your Desire , explain him what you want to do with that Object and Usually Spirit will be Glad to Help you Create this Kind of Object.

I know you’re absolutely correct on that, Mephistor. I’ve done that exact thing with an amulet.

But I’ve got this feeling I’m supposed to “do it myself”. I know from personal experience that when I get this feeling, the spirits I work with are teaching me a new technique.

I just can’t see the answer right now. But I’ll know it when I see it. :slight_smile:

Basically, when you have the spirit that you want to link to the idol, you’re going to want to “fuse” them- merge the idol and the spirit, so that the idol is technically the spirit’s physical body.

You don’t need to evoke the spirit from the idol, but you can. If you want to talk to the spirit, you can do so by merely directing intentions and words at the idol.

The idol becomes the spirit, in other words.

I’ve only ever done it my own spirits, so when I have them, I grab them and the idol, have the spirit enter the idol, and visualize the “settling” process until things just “click” and work on their own.

Also, can you anchor more than one spirit to a single idol?

Yes. As Solomon bound the 72 Goetics to one vessel, I once made a vessel that held 3000 spirits at the height of its power. But the days of that tool are passed, I dismantled it after its mission was fulfilled.

Fetishes are just one version. Shrines/Temples are the same thing, and you also have something they do more in the far East which is creating Spirit Houses.

Thanks, Velotak. You’ve given me some things to think about. My goal isn’t to trap the spirits within the vessel the way I believe Solomon’s intention was, but it was a great example.

Thanks, Biosynth. I’ve actually heard of Spirit Houses, but never really looked into them. I’ll take a look at that and see if there’s something useful there.

I appreciate all the help, everyone.

I wasn’t referring to trapping them when I brought up Solomon, which is why I mentioned my old “nexus”, but I can see why that would be inferred.

I was referring to the consensual “plugging in” to the idol/ordering of subordinates into a vessel.

I didn’t think you were saying that, Velotak. I just wanted to make my intention clear for other people reading the thread. Thanks, as always, for sharing your wisdom with us.

I’m going to be lazy and link to the post I did where I described how I first got into this: #msg48526.

That has pretty much everything I have on this, including the ritual I’ve used a lot and the idea about painting the eyes last.

What’s probably more important than the specifics, is that I found a set of ritual cats that seemed to me to be effective, and stuck with that - so if you have any idea in your head of how this should work, if, for example, you were to write a short story about a magician doing this, that’s probably a useful way to find what will be most effective for you?

I had to seriously make up so much of my earliest stuff, and almost all of it has carried through to now, some 25 years on! :slight_smile:

Also, can you anchor more than one spirit to a single idol?

I wouldn’t do that myself, though it’s probably possible, but it’s nicer IMO to make the image as nicely specific to that being as possible, so that would rule out giving it to another spirit to share.

I wouldn’t like it if someone asked me to a dinner party and then insisted I share my seat - and plate! - with another guest, in fact I’d be downright pissy.

Belial is notoriously angered if you give him something, then try to take it back or do anything HE hasn’t approved with it, when I did the artwork for him in the Evocation Art thread he ROARED at me at one point, when I was doing the sigil drawing and wanted to change something - he was very determined it should look a specific way!

So unless you have some kind of compelling reason, I personally wouldn’t advise doing this, the risk of it causing problems is far too high.

Eva, thanks for another knowledge bomb, hun.

I found some very interesting things in that post.

The part about the fortune telling machine and projecting the face onto the mannequin was very enlightening.

Now I understand one of the reasons I feel the need to create a set of masks in the future. Invocation of the spirits is another reason for the masks.

Your focus on the eyes is spot on. I know when I need to strengthen my communication with a spirit, I pull it close and look directly in it’s eyes.

It’s almost like in the old Bela Legosi Dracula movies where it they would highlight his eyes and show the close up. lol

It really helps if the idol is hollow and inside can be placed crystals and be used to burn incense that comes out of the statue. I see the idol Baphomet as a giant lamp (eg flame comes out of the middle horn). For more Baphomet antics check out A.E. Waite’s “Devil Worship In France.”

Interesting suggestions. Hadn’t thought about that.

In Buddhism, we normally have statues of different deities.

To bring life into the idol with the energy or forces of that particular Gods/Goddess/Entity, we buy small precious metals such as a small piece of Gold, silver, copper, brass, ruby, emerald, pearl, etc. etc. Note that the Buddhist statues always have a small hole at the base with a closing cap. We name those precious stones/metals as the heart, liver, lungs, intestines, stomach, etc of the deity and start uttering mantras to infuse those metal/stones with the vital forces of the entity/gods. This is normally done by advanced tantric monks but if those monks are absent, a normal man can also perform this. The monks after energizing those metals and stones starts to put those metals wrapped in red cloth into the statue and start blowing(breathing life force) onto the statue simultaneously uttering long mantras to invoke that particular Gods and Goddesses. After that, the statue is consecrated with milk and saffron water to clean it. It is then kept in altar during a specific time and date facing a specific direction which is fixed astrologically. for example wrathful deities such as vajrakilaya, Vajrapani, Khyung, Maha Heruka, etc. are kept in the Southern direction because South belongs to the element of Fire and are faced north. I think this technique can be followed by anyone who are into idolatry. Hope this helps.

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Very interesting. Thanks for the information. It definitely gives me some ideas to consider.