Identifying parasites and other Spirits:

Anytime. It’s just that the frequency is not good for ears in loud volumes

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I’m pretty certain it’s a real spirit the ghoul that doesn’t talk seems about right, when I go the images of it attaching itself to me I was like a tentacle but seemed like maybe made of bone because of the color lots of little spots all over my back where I seen it like digging Into me, I definitely see the less then human intelegence from it it always trust to snatch any image I form that had energy and I literally spent like a full minute just playing keep away with a energy orb from it. I don’t know enough about spiritual warfare to kill it yet I don’t think I sensed that I hurvit when I was picturing myself blasting it with magic but that was in my minds eye not physically casting on it. So V how does one kill it I you don’t mind explaining if you were to kill one or me I’ll try to kill it while listening to the detachment frequency

Hm, the ghouls I mentioned don’t have bones, their flesh is pretty much like tar, what they do have is a body full of the energy they consumed, to kill one is releasing all the energy they consumed along with other things.
their appearance usually has no eyes, ears, or nose but malformed dents where they should be but it does have very sharp teeth.

But many entities can be killed just like a human can be, albeit with these ghouls energy cannot kill them they’ll just eat/absorb it but say a construct made to resemble a physical object (knife, blunt object, etc) can harm them.

but that’s with energy work.

The like that discribed it and it had no eyes nose exc when it appeared in my minds eye, I think I might have thought about the bone and sorta inputted that into my mind I was a while after I seen it’s arm vividly befor I got an image of it’s head, it’s arm was super super skinny like bone with bearly no flesh on it but the tar sounds like a good description. Not sure when you said do t have bones if that ment no bones at all in there body cause this thing definitely does. The face had what seemed like large triangle shapped ears but the arm was the only thing I seen when not thinking about it’s appearance and seen it really vivid. I felt like it would have sharp teeth but didn’t see any in the image that formed in h head while I was trying to attack it. What o you means construct like I physically use the item or I try to image a weapon in my mind and beat it up with cause I sensed I hurt it when I stabbed it in the ace with a dagger I imagined. Sorry for such long delay I was listening to some frequencys that were recommended to me for detaching a negative spirit.

Do you think I I asked for help in the scan thread someone would be able o identify it? Also I read Yeesch is good with these types of things should I ask him or is there a better alternative I have never contacted him so it’s like hi kill this… Sorta rude but I don’t have much options my experience so far with magic is just being lucky and doing it like levatation or projecting my self to someone while telling myself I won’t picture then I’ll just know I projected befor them and then they Interacted.