Identifying an entity

I got a name, but I’m not sure if I was mistaken. I got something along the lines of “King Devohn.” The entity appeared to me as tall and masculine, and they wear a cape with a crown. I think I saw him with blue eyes and possibly long hair.

If anyone can help confirm this, it’ll be appreciated. If I actually got even close to identifying his name, I’d be a bit happier with myself. :rofl:

If I’m not mistaken, he looked something like this. Darker hair and remember blue eyes. Oh, and he looks like he could kick butt. :slightly_smiling_face:

((Credit to artist is their signature in the picture))

King Paimon is what you probably saw :astonished:

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Hmm, I see. Thanks. Some things would make more sense if it’s him.


This is King Paimon. He’s awesome :sunglasses:


@anon9236988 it could be possibly King Dagon/Dagan

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Hmm, that does seem likely too… I’ll try to get more information from him, so I can confirm one of the possibilities.

It’s almost impossible for me to help you find out who. I need to know what he is similar to. What is around him? Any symbolism? Does he have a mount? What culture is he from? Is he self born or does he have a creator? These questions will narrow it down

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I’ll try to find out more about him in my next meditation. I may have to envoke someone, because I feel that I have a lot more attention from entities than I did before. It’ll be difficult to try and focus on him, but with some help I bet I’ll get it done :smirk_cat:

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He’s seems to be a god for sure. (Hopefully I’m not mistaken. If so, he does seem very powerful.) I was told “He always has someone around him. There’s not a time when he’s alone.”

He does seem to have a mount, but I was told was “Sometimes.” So basically yes.

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is the mount typical as in horse or another creature?

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Hmm, I can’t pick that up, but I was getting like camel or horse. I guess just that means one of the common mounts. Nothing too bold.
(Whew, hopefully my intuition isn’t off this time, lol)

keep working the meditations more will be revealed in time.

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Well I received a name for someone. Odmodeus aka King Asmodeus/Asmodai! Things make sense now. I may have been wrong on a few things or maybe there’s a second entity… hmm… wait… King Paimon has a camel mount and kinda fits the previous descriptions…

So two kings here? I don’t understand why but I finally got names!

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Well the name “Devon/Devohn” is celtic, maybe this will help you.

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What color was the cape or was the deity surrounded by any colors?