A mnemonic technology is what I’m selling. It’s freeing, invaluable nature comes at the cost of time and attention. Attention, raw unfiltered attention is what I’m offering. Upon the altaration of mynd I warship thee for you and I, Yes, we are all that and more. An experience unlike any other,once mastered, continuum dynamics restored, ultra-hyper mega-meta verge-merging instantiation of core mechanics proliferate on course of pin-pointed constriction OH compression of that catapulting catalyst of consciousnesss… Creative Force, Life Force, Qi, Prana, Vril, Orgone, Energy. CORE CONCENTRATION. Effectively organizing your thoughts in a way that makes ideals revolve around principles in a way so sophisticated and tailor fitted to your own simplexity this semiotic dexterity of intellectual capacity finely tuned to a point of infinitely recursive immortalization of all that you are within the momentum of thee embodiment of thee archetype which you substantialize at a moments notice perforce the flap of the butterflies wing at the drop of a hat wherewhence you can hear a pin drop. Silence, Stillness, Spaciousness. A plenum of void protocols disassociating, dissecting, dividing…

Where am I going with this?

OH YEAH.The Point.

There’s two of them, you and me, and we’re doing this thing called information organization, and I think it happens somewhere in the minds eye, wherever that is… pff.

Ok, back on track though…

I have this system of hypnosis that I’ve been æffecting daily in my life, transforming every repetitive action into understood interpretations of a mythology which acts as a symbolic device to channel thee energy of everything I do into the point. The point is where all thee energy goes. It is a portal, and it is imperceptible because it is what encompasses everything.

God help me.


This point is all your power, and it’s readily applicable to any situation or thing, like the philosophers stone.