Ideas for my birthday ritual ( no tools no privacy)

So on the 20.06. Will be my 29th birthday. I wanted to do a ritual because i never really did any and my birthday seemed like a good date to start.

The thing is: i will be on a trip with my best friends family over the next few days and only return a few days after my birthday. I will have no tools and am not really alone.

Do you have ideas for a meaningfull ritual i can do even under those circumstances?


Hello, first of all early congratulations on your birthday. You could check some self empowerment ritual of VK Jehannum. The rituals are just chants and are designed to still be powerfull without tools. Maybe you just will need some time alone but with 15 minutes should be enough.


Need a birthday song? I recommend Magician’s Birthday, by Uriah Heep. I like it for mine, which happens to be today, so for you and for me, here it is: Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday - YouTube


prepare yourself,
by packing your favorite Sigils in your wallet or jeans pocket.

Have them with you,
and simply pay special attention,
to your thoughts and your enviorment.

When you feel there’s something importend around you,
pick it up,
ask it if it belongs to you for the ritual.

If you can sense a “yes”,
take it with you.

After a while of traveling,
you’ll have a few seemingly random items,
which you can utulize in the ritual.

Carring a knife or Dagger with you,
should really help,
even if it’s just a swiss pocket knife.

invoke the spirits when you gathered the random items,
and let the spirit take over your body.

Watch the spirit re-arrange them in front of you,
propably it’s going to set up some form of altar or circle.

maybe you even come accross a natrual altar during your travel.

For example a special rock.

with the items arranged,
and the invoked spirit being within you,
focus on a wish.

you really want in your life to happen,
or something you want to get.

Focus all your Emotions and attention into the items there.

Let your intuition decide,
if there’s any item,
out of the arrangement,
you want to keep,
and take that with you.

exhaust all left over energy,
you have,
into the other items,
and get yourself to the point,
where you almost fall asleep,
or can’t sit in front of it anymore.

Go back to your friends,
and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Keep the item you decided to keep with you,
close to your body.

Don’t enchant it any further,
as long as you’re traveling.

Simply use it,
to link your mind back to that ritual space,
out there,
in nature.

Once you come back home,
place it somewhere,
you can see it,
and where it feels “right” to have it.

At home,
you can start empowering the item you took back home,
with new Energy,
since your “mana” will replanish.

Keep charging it,
until you feel you can’t put any more energy into it.

at that point,
you should propably see some of the effects already taking place.

Use that item,
from there on,
to charge other,
new magickal items.

You’ll have a good yield,
out of that one single ritual.

Once your next birthday comes around,
burry the item,
a few days before your next birthday.

the same amount of days,
you’ve been waiting for doing the rite.

So if you started collecting sigils and preparing let’s say 8 days before,
you’ll burry it for 8 days.

in those 8 days,
let your intuition guide you to new nature objects.

Place the new objects,
on your next birthday,
on top,
of where you burried the last token.

have it charge there,
and repeat,
by doing new spells,
with new intent.

In the third year,
when you’re about to become 31,
built an altar,
where you burried the items.

Blessed Birthday!!




Thank you for your input. I will have to be a bit flexbile with your suggestion @Yberion because I do not know if i will be living here in three years or will be a few towns over. It gave me a few ideas though. I planned to go to a forest in the area and will likely use it for the item / altar later. As my trip will be in a city getting a quiet place will be tough but I will have a look.

@Glenn_the_ghoul I had a look and the Sinister Rite of Self-Establishment caught my eye. There are even elements of shamanism and druidry mentioned in it which suprised me.

Guess I will have to do a bit of preperation starting today. :grin:

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Where are you going on your trip? If there is a forest or anything, strip into your birthday suit and run through the forest as you invoke the elements. Or anything else, but you gotta be in your birthday suit.

Im going to an event called “Kirchentag” aka “Church day”. It is held in germany every 2 years in chaging big citys. Its a mix of religious, cultural, environmental and political events. Im mostly in for the culture and politics though.

There are parks around there but if i run through there in my birthdaysuit that will be a birthday spent in a cell later on :sweat_smile: .


It’s not a party until someone ends up arrested. Just drink a few beers or something first then act drunk. They will hold you overnight, maybe give you a small fine, and you’ll be scot free.


So my birthday will end in a few minutes and i had no real chance to do anything at all. It was too crowded to experience anything or find anything for a ritual. Because i was stuck in events with no intetest to me i began to think. Instead of seeing the mundane around me i found truths of my past,present and possible future:

Truths: i am the main reason i am not content.
I had optimistik Views and was fit.
I ruined relationships with women myself because of fear of rejection.
I fear failures because of always wanting to be loved by everyone.
I have life goals that are easy to do but fail them because of lazyness.
I do not challenge myself.

In essence i am my lifes biggesr obstacle. I will Not wake up and be Happy one day after i evoke a demon or angel. The one best suited to change my life will be myself.

I in stead of a ritual will vow to myself to keep myself in Check. To do and not just talk. To learn of failures and not fear them. To answer to myself first and foremost.
I need to really start to work not just talk about it and be content.

Many things i read in this forum stuck with me. I grew a bit spiritually and shall grow further alongside healing my body and mind.

My birthday shall be a rebirth. May my work truly begin.


Mind, if i give some suggestions,
based on your epiphany??

Thus, Leviathan Spoke onto thee:

Bless thyselves, with your selves.

And Belial Teached 'em, to follow non other then thyselves,
to disobey any other authority,
which wasn’t firmly rooted within.

Belial taugt them, to follow no Masters, and no Gods.

And so, by turning the years, Kenny90 might find within,
what others seek for lifetimes and lifetimes, around them:


By committing himself,
to himself,
like others bind into servitude before spirits, gods or masters,
he found the power of an oath,
lying dormant within his own kaya`*

*- Kaya, representing awareness, inner knowing, Divine Spark, Demonic flame of lust and power.

In this Realization,
he found himself opening up,
for help,
to be served and healed.

Healed from limitation,
from being stuck,
from feeling to lazy,
for he had not yet understood,
the value of relaxation,
of creativity,
the power thereof,
and how lazy doesn’t simply mean “not doing anything”,
or “to be failing”.

Yet, those are teachings hidden from the public,
so they may never question the enslavement and chains around their bodies,
necks and minds,
which they walk within,
serving away their lifetime,
to make others rich,
to fail in every possible way,
at gaining freedom,
but rather commit into ever-deeper debt and servitude.
To reproduce,
without living with their kids,
and loving them,
yeeh, wasting away their lives,
before they really start,
by sending them in,
to thee,
of forming and imprinting their minds,
of making them slaves which willingly obey,
of forming them down into their chains,
and binding them from ever looking up in the sky.

Thus, Oberon, and Belphegor,
spoke onto thee,
to reveal,
which is not to be known,
nor to be understood,
but either to be lived,
or to waste away in mere existence,
for thy laziness,
might be thy greatest source of gaining strength,
and creativity,
you rather gave it away,
and run like a mouse in the wheel,
for the rest of your life.

the great demon of wealth,
always offers thee,
ever-greater illusions,
of wealth,
in which to run for,
and keep the Wheel well turning,
so thy might not come to rest,
and die early,
from wasting away,
thy ever sleepless,
and unfulfilled life,
but in great wealth,
from which you can hardly give forward to thy next life,
but rather will find true pride within,
and think great of thyself,
in believing you’ve lived a good life,
having had so much more then you needed,
felt so wealthy and rich,
while you only served,
and never truly owned anything by yourself.

Thus, Sun’tal’Ock, and Clauneck, revealed to you,
the nature of riches,
and what keeps people in striving for them,
so they may not see,
that they never really touch 'em,
for themselves.

For Mammon is great in showing you thy gold,
he’s even greater,
in turning it away,
out of your pockets,
your vaults,
where ever you think you hidden it for safety,
it was him,
telling you to give it back,
onto him,
for he always owned it,
and only lend it to you,
to return it back to him,
and make it more.

Thus, Mammon spoke himself.

In the Name of Lazarus and Kepri!
Thy shall find, what theo seeks!

may thy old, become thy new,
and you shall find within,
what seemed to be lost and gone,
for thy surely aren’t ment,
to serve,
without having revived,
your birthright,
to rule.

may thy,
find the real sentances,
with which to overwrite these,
from what i just channeled for you.

May you bless yourself,
with thyself,
and be reborn,
onto thyself.




Tell your “friends” you can’t go, then use YOUR time to do your own work.

Make a decision what is more important to you. Hanging out wit da boys, or your own spiritual development.

Friends fade, lie, and turn on you, demons are forever.

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