Idea to detach from lust for results? (Love spells)


A lot of people say love spells wouldn’t work because the people are too desperate and put desperation into the love spells they do.

So I was wondering… as so many people in this Forum come here for love matters… wouldn’t it be a good idea to do love spells for each other? Like Person A does it for Person B - and Person B does it for Person A.

Would that work better maybe? If you have trust that both people do it!

Most of the people who come here for love matters are beginners in magick, so any ritual they do has a high chance of being ineffective for someone else which would defeat the point of an exchange.

Also, this forum has a restriction on newcomers doing ritual for other members, and we get too many people already that come here asking for free rituals to be done for them, so it would be far too easy for them to take advantage and only sign up for a spell “exchange,” if it were allowed.

We do, occasionally, have group ritual for members here, such as the Friends With Benefits operations, where volunteers do magical requests for each other (our latest one started last month) though.


Magick empowers the emotions of the person… if there is nothink the person likes about you then it wont work. And i dont think having a spellcasting exchange would be a good idea the energys may clash… then again cant know if i havent tryed it. Lust destroys the result you have to push your intent to the universe and completly forget it knowing surely it worked. And having an entity support surely brings results.


Love spells work easy. But should you do them? That is the question. I dropped them for good.
No need to ask others, just do them yourself. They are easy

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That’s true, I just thought beginners could help beginners. But I see what you mean and nobody could be sure it would be done and also it’s better to learn do to magic maybe.

And thank you for the other information

I didn’t want to ask others, I try to do my spells by myself but I red in the forum that so many people try it and think it didn’t work because they were lusting for results. That’s why I thought about it and asked.

The spells might be easy but to control the emotions might be hard :slight_smile:

beginners can brainstorm. they can’t help much cuz they are not experience or lack knowledge. It’s like the blind leading the blind. THey often dismiss magick cuz they are casting without foundation. Often beginners read a little and think they are experts. Same with real life. many take weekend seminar and think they are masters. example is reiki weekend course. or hypnosis week course. they may learn the process , however, they got not skills yet.

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I was thinking about it a while ago but then I thought you don’t know the other persons motives, for example imagine you doing a love spell for my crazy ex to get me and it works ! Then I’ll suffer the mental abuse and my life will be hell because of your workings who has nothing to do with it directly ! Will complicate things !


The problem is people focus on the Magick rather than the actual girl/boy (girl in my case). Call on Beleth, Gremori, or Sitri. Speak your result. You’ll get it. Approach the person and don’t be a creep. It’s not the hard. The problem is people also have FEAR


Talk to them. In the weeks that come on the phone. FaceTime, don’t be so desperate. Have a life and don’t respond after 2 seconds. Ask them out on a date and have a good time. The moment dating is no fun is the moment you need to pull out and focus on your career and hobbies.


Everyone complicates this to the point where I question whether they realize their target is a human being like them…

You should buy and read “works of darkness”(ea koetting)and see nothing is impossible.

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it’s not false events appearing real . It’s false emotion appearing real. It’s the emotion that drives action and belief. As u can see acronym of fear is an emotion so emotion is more appropriate than events. =o)

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Also it’s not just magick. It’s real life that happens often too. People have false emotions appearing real so they react on it causing drama. They function base on emotion rather than logic. It’s best to use both. emotion and logic for balance. however, humans lazy to look at facts and go easy route of justifying the false emotions with bad behavior. It’s ego thing. they won’t own up to their bs behavior even if they knwo they are wrong afterwards when emotion calm down. they rather avoid and have guilt inside or lie to themselves even more that the person is bad to justify their bs behavior. Emotions make people act and treat others stupid. That’s how people burn bridges. Act without thinking. That’s why they don’t have a good life. TOo superficial due to laziness and not going deep with the emotion or discussing it. There is hidden trauma in those reactive emotions.

i think this article is good for people who are starting to casts spells… of any kind…