Idea & Question For Intensifying EA's Curse Reversal (Mirror Magick)

Hi everyone,

I have to curse somebody who cursed me - so I will be using EA’s curse reversal method from Someone Cursed Me! - My Nasty Revenge
to first of all get rid of the negative energy from that person.

Since I need this person to be cursed fast I require additional force rather than just his own negative energy that is reversed back into him.

My idea is as follows: Evoke and then call a demonic entity into the mirror and then place it in the bowl full with witches salt.

This should drastically enhance the effect, particularly if the entity is one that is already on your side (or which you have been evoking for some time successfully).

My question is: How do I cast an entity into a mirror with its approval for maximum effect?

Please let me know what you can find. And if you decide to try the method to enhance the curse reversal, then let me know your results!

Update: I have discovered one method so far that involves using black wax from your ritual candles and dripping it on the mirror, then drawing the sigil into the wax with a knife / razor blade. You can add blood for added effect.

Evocation is not necessary for spellwork. If you are going to evoke the entity, just tell them what to do.

I followed your advice. What I did is I set up EA’s method with the mirror, but also went to the person’s workplace, sealed it with inverse pentagrams to prevent negative energy from leaving and evoked Haures (Goetia).

Haures is an amazing demon who has done me great service in the past. He is great for identifying those who cursed you because he literally messes up those people’s lifes who have been going against you if you ask him to, even if you do not know them or mention them by name. Here is an example: A person literally cursed me (thoughtform) a decade ago and my life went downhill pretty fast. I made it out though and later got into Magick. Right around the time I evoked Haures and asked him to destroy my enemies, this same person whom I had forgotten about was admitted to a mental asylum because he suddenly developed severe depression. This is from being a normal teenager.

This time I asked him to curse a person who has been my enemy for years and for absolutely no reason other than envy, while evoking him right inside that person’s workplace. At the same time I have the mirror box spell set up. So 2 things are working the guy simultaneously.

If anybody has additional ideas I would appreciate hearing them, and I’ll be sure to try out your spells / methods if they are solid and I will let you know how it went!

Thanks Euoi !

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Why not use one that’s already in there? Bloody Mary is by definition an Egregore. I use a bloody hand print on a mirror as her “sigil”, front or back depending on what I’m doing.