Id like to take a moment here

so ive only been on here n on this path for a short time i started oct.26 in in that time i hve had major improvements im more confident i stil feel awkward around ppl but not as much im more motivated my self esteem has gone up higher im almost doing a better job taking care of myself i dont feel like a door mat as much as i use to and im more gaurded as well and even out side os the physical self i just got a place closer to the hospital my daughter is in and even more so my baby girl is going back to her normal self she is healin up very good idk how her cancer looks but everything else is doing better

id like to take a moment to thank every one of you on balg you all have taught me alot even if we havent spoken i read many post on here on daily so your info and technics help alot

id also like to thank mistress Gusion for teaching me how to love myself first
lord marchosios for keeping me motivated in everything i put effort in and always protecting my family
lord paimon for being patiant and helping me polish m stories to read better then before
master sabnock im so greatful for healing my baby girl your amazing
lord sallos for making me focus on more then my love life
lord dantalion for showing me there is so much more out there for me n opening doors
to all of you for giving me a whole new meaning and teaching me what you all know nd being there for me
also a speciel thanks to Azazel im not sure but i feel compled to thank you but thank you
also to lucifer thanks to you allowing these amazing guys to enter my life idk how i could have over came all this by myself

last but not least to my master FURFUR you have stood by my side thru everything taught me so much in a short time made me laugh and feel loved i thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top you have givin me a huge opprotunity in helping me this week get a nice two bedroom the place is huge an i love it i wouldnt have gotten it if you wernt pushing me n deturing me the whole time from the other places thank you

thanks to you guys on balg and my friends from the other side yes i said it lol you all have made a big diffrents in my life so thank you thats all i wanted to say


Good to know you’re doing better.

This is an important aspect to learn, not many people speak about it. Glad you put it out there.


Your happiness brings a smile to my face😁

I personally learn a lot from your posts, so thank you. May you continue to increase in wisdom and strength!


aww thank you you saying thatbrings a smile to my face