I'd like to give a public thank you to King Belial!

A little under a month ago, I turned 20, beginning a new Era of my life. Since that point, I had been drawn to King Belial and began giving him Devotion and attention as well as working to improve myself in order to progress spiritually. Since working with him, I’ve lost the urge to smoke, binge eat, and engage in negative encounters. He is truly amazing, and I can’t thank him enough for guiding me into this new chapter. Hail King Belial!


King Belial is truly amazing. I began working with him a few months ago and he has COMPLETELY cured me of my depression and anxiety that I’ve suffered from for over 15 years. I used to have constant panic attacks and have not had one in about three months now. I feel like a new person. I’m busy doing a painting of his sigil in his honour.

Hail King Belial!


I know the feeling, I gave him an offering of my skin and blood, I now wear his Mark upon my left breast.

Belial is a hell of a guy.