IAM in a depression please help

Hi IAM a guy but IAM a woman I don’t want to be a guy anymore I hate my life and my body I can’t do a surgery cause my family are Muslims and I don’t want to break their hearts also IAM in a big depression now and don’t feel good I want to swap bodies with a woman or posses a womans body or even dream to be a woman I really hate my body and really can’t live more like this
Please help me if you are able please I know many will suggest to do a surgery but really I can’t break my family’s heart also I live in a muslim country if I do it I will destroy my family I can’t do such thing to them
If anyone can help me I will really appreciate it and thank you and really sorry for everything


Is anyone here?

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All I can say to this is sometimes to become what and who we are meant to be, we have to shed the negativity around us. Not everyone is going to understand nor agree with our choices. This is our path and our path alone. Learn that you will not always make everyone happy. IF you try, you will be miserable. Good luck to you. I wish you well.



I agree with Shannon here, you need to get out of that country if you can or find some level of contentment in being male.


As you can’t change your body now in anyway only solution is to get yourself a boyfriend who lets you be a woman. Slowly over time you can work with demons to change the minds of your family or even better make your whole family move to a different country, change their minds so that you can get yourself gender change.


@issam, I have a close friend who doesn’t want to be a woman. She’s making the changes she needs to to become a man. Her family didn’t understand, so she moved away from them. She suffered with depression too, like you. Now she is beginning to love her/himself more and more everyday. He is an amazing person. I love him very much as a friend.


Have you thought about a plan to leave that country you are in?
in that scenario they could still see you as a man but you can dress as a woman and be more womanly and enjoy a different life. You could also do surgery and when you visit them just dress as a man, they will never know what’s in your private parts.
I know you don’t want advice on surgery, I am giving you “long term” advice for you to MOVE out of that country. Think about your life, long term.
There are many other countries in the world that would support you and are more open minded.
I live in a city that loves transgender, transexual and all sorts of people.
I used to work in a store, high end, expensive clothing store where most workers are transgender women.
If money, visa, immigration is a problem,
try to find other plans, perhaps gettting a SCHOOL visa, if money is a problem, try to find a plan to find that money, the universe can help you.
It can remove all obstacles for you. Perhaps you can apply for political assylum, many countries help people in your situation.
Or ask your family to help you that you want to study a career abroad only to leave.
You will not stop seeing them, but think about your having a life that you enjoy, while also being able if you want to hide the truth that’s also possible, but you must be away from where they live.

Other than that, you know the regulations and society rules better than me.
Can dress up as a woman and pretend once in a while?
can you go to a different town?

Magick cannot help change the rules of government, or your family’s situation if this is a major thing due to religion.

Sit down and WRITE all the options you have, then make a plan and then use the magickal powers of the energy to help you go through the process and bring to you all the help you will need.

Blessings to you.

Would you kill yourself just to see your family happy?
Going through surgery will never make you become a woman, it will only bring psychological relief by getting rid of your balls and penis.
What defines a woman is much more - womb, ovaries, tubes, the capacity to conceive, shape, hormones, etc
If even with that in mind you still wanna go through surgery, I think you totally should go for it. Nobody is worth wasting your happiness for. I regret my past so much right now, exactly because I put the happiness of who I thought I loved, as a priority, ignoring what my soul was needing and screaming for.
After all I found out they never really cared about my well being. They actually have enjoyed seeing my suffering quite a lot.

Being a woman sucks. Punch your self in the gut over and over again to feel cramps when bleed from your front hole. Or worry about your safety every where you go. The older you get the less value you hold in society. Your once perky tits start to sag.

Women should complain a lot more about periods. Having to worry about this awful, nasty flow of blood coming out of you. You can’t go out because you are afraid of it staining your pants. You got 3 choices stick a plastic cup your pussy, cotton that can kill you, or pads that are a diaper.

You laugh you pee, you sneeze you pee.

Sex is not that great. Its on you about getting knocked up with a good chance you can die from it or you loss it. Being used just for sex by guys lying about caring about you.

You can’t think straight because of pms.

Pass the age of 12 your self worth goes down each more year.

I go on more but you get the picture.


You are suffering from gender dysphoria which most of the time has a comorbidity with depression and suicidality.

You’re in a tough position; Islamic perspectives on this in a Muslim country is seen as haram as it could possibly get. You really have to leave if you want to go forth and express the altitude of your gender ideal somewhere else or you will be shunned away from your Muslim friends and family forever.

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My closest of friends, are Muslims. I appreciate them. But sometimes it is hard to coexist if your beliefs don’t seem to line up with theirs. They live in their own world some of them.

We were born a man for a reason, you believe changing and being a woman will somehow make your life better fix your problems IT WILL NOT. Trans and gender-fluid men have extremely high suicide rates and depression. Take care of your testosterone, men are hot, men are awesome, you think otherwise YOU MUST think why you believe this to be false.

I can tell you what to do but this was literally me the past few weeks, It causes too much confusion IMO and should be treated as a mental illness. identity crisis is real, see a therapist and make sure you are very healthy before taking any major steps. You could also be a sissy boi who wears make up like james charles bu thats a slippery slope imo!

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Oh stop it Purple, you girls get a whole lot of benefits and privileges males don’t get just as much as males have their half of good and bad. They may be different but equally as pleasant and irritating. I was a woman in a past life and it sucked the same as being a male and was as awesome at times as being a male but in very different ways.
Nobody is more of a victim or victor because of their gender.
I believe gender disphoria to be quote literally a genetic anomaly that happens at conception and grows through the development of the fetus. There is a % of people who grow primarily one sex neurological hardwiring while developing the opposite sex genitalia.
This happens naturally in the random roll of genetic dice because it has some purpose that benefits the whole otherwise it would have been naturally selected out of every species of animal it exists in over the course of the evolutionary process, which is most.
Things do not exist without a purpose and they sure as hell don’t last without having a purpose either.
Transgenderism aside and back to the male female dynamic, we all need to work together in life in a collaborative way. If we can’t understand what its like to be in the opposite gender at least we can do our best to keep an open mind and take each at their word.

We each have our own burdens to deal with as individuals and within the group we identify with.

I may never have a period but I have to lice every moment of my existence knowing that my place on tge lifeboat is for fit so that you Kay have it because females are intrinsically more valuable than a male who is disposable because of his gender alone.

Nobody has it perfect but if we all help each other perhaps we could create a future we all might like to live in eh?

Decide EXACTLY how you’re planning to solve your problem, then be specific about the help you’re asking for. This way, you would have a better chance of getting the kind of help that could make a difference in your life.

You know what you want. Good start. HOW you will get there? That’s your job, find out, write it down. Step by step plan. Pick the parts where magick can help, then do it yourself or ask for assistance.

From what you said, I can understand that you don’t want to sacrifice. You want to be who you believe you are, but at the same time, you want to keep your family happy. So you don’t want to pay the price. Even if, by using magick, you managed to influence all your family to accept your choice or belief or nature, and be happy about it. You probably won’t be able to do the same thing with the whole country you live in. Therefore, you HAVE to sacrifice. Consider it an offering for the Demon or God who will give you what you want!

Finally, please consider seeking psychological help. Maybe what you think you feel is not exactly what you think it is. Don’t reject this possibility just because you don’t like it or don’t want it to be true. It’s still a possibility so keep it in mind.

Good luck,

First, learn to be at peace with is. Let it be what is and practice presence. Be aware of your experience, watch the sensory data/thoughts/feelings etc. come and ago without getting too involved with them. Learn to be still. Very important.

Every hour spend 1-2 minutes mentally or physically listing things that you have going for you in your life. Begin with you, i.e. your consciousness, your existence.

Imagine pleasant scenarios often for the heck of it without putting performance pressure that comes with a goal-orientation.

Establish a daily meditation practice. Learn to be still within.

Consider listening to subliminal and binaural tracks. There are a ton of goo ones on YouTube. Some of them even address things like feminisation and gender change.