Iam a newbee trying to learn

Hi iam a new be lol i have been studying Roman,Egyptian, Greek Mythology! Also Santeria,Voudon palo mayombe!! Luciferianism,Thiestic Satanism,Hoodoo,Conjure,Folk Magic and

finally Root Work!! I have ‘STUDIED’ but never PRACTiced any path And want to laern and experieance actually invoking and evoking so any tips??

Welcome to the forum!
Nice image there.
I’d recommend veering into a topic that particularly interests you the most then breaking it down from there. There’s too many forms of magic out there that it can throw you off balance which one to pursue first.

At this current time I’m practicing Folk Magic, Herb craft and Fairy Lore but many months to come it could be sympathetic and ceremonial magick. Pace yourself and keep studying bits and pieces of all as they link up and make it a whole heap easier to grasp the big picture and wholesome notions that intertwine with other belief systems.

Do you meditate?

Thanks i apreciate that!! Also goodluck!

Also, use the search function it’s got everything you need there and lastly find out what works for you. Everyone experiences everything different here as our perception are adjacently different to another, they share the same paradigm of learning and the shared human experience.

So when you successfully perform your first invocation or evocation, you’re directly channeling to a particular energy and it will be entirely subjective the experience. The thoughts, feelings, words all personalised.

With magick you’ll need to be grounded or at least try remain grounded. I’m susceptible to falling off the face of the earth every now and then, it’s in my nature because of a Neptunian current running through me that causes disarray and illusion, so I’ll need to back out and remain actualised or else magick makes me question more of my reality that it stresses me out and becomes depersonalising, so know your limits and know when to take breaks.

Castle a circle, light a candle, recite an enn with a sigil and see how you go. Simple stuff. Safe travels

Cool image, he appeared to me in a dream very similar to that

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