My current situation borders on desperation, thus thinking of seeking Iadon’s help. But the warning deters me.
"He will take back more than is had."
Will the money he’d help me acquire cause me to have legal troubles?
Will I suddenly become afflicted of cancer or any such debilitating illnesses that I’d end up not enjoying the money?
Will I lose a loved one?
Or do I only risk all of the above if I evoke him too often? (“It is not wise to hold company with Iadon for longer time than is needed.”)
Should I secure the help of an Angel (Samassk, in particular) prior to evoking Iadon to render me immune to Iadon’s…ills?

Hello, Everyone. This is my first post here. I hope to have a fruitful interaction with all of you.

Why you are so interested in Iadon ? when Koetting himself warned about him in the KOF ! There are other spirits like Lukorst or Pendralion from KOF, or Salas’ash or Halah’thor from BOA or other Goetic spirits and the SHEMHAMPHORASH angels are available for this kind of woks. You can simply use their sigil for your need, as sigil magic.

I don’t know why I’m drawn to him - the first time I’ve heard his name I feel this persistent call within. I just have a feeling that he can deliver faster (and even bigger than the amount I badly need) than the other demons and angels of wealth.
But I’m terrified of the consequences, such as those I enumerated.

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Iadon will bring you money, but he takes back more than he gives. So, if he brings you $1000, you will ultimately end up losing more, say, $2000, in some way. That is the way he works.

There is no way to prevent this as it is the way his power manifests. You would be better served using another spirit, such as Lukorst.

I apologize, Everyone. I’ll get to it today.
(Went straight to Money Manifestations, hoping to find an answer regarding Iadon. In fact it’s all I’ve been doing while lurking about here for weeks, & didn’t bother to read about the rules.)

Iadon does take back, but remember that EA said it doesn’t necessarily mean that you directly pay it back. He just takes back, so with him, as with anything, you gotta be clear about what you want, and you gotta let him know what type of effects you want to manifest. Also ask if he can meet your requests, because if he can’t (i.e. he can’t do what you want without taking more from you) then you leave his ass alone.

You don’t always have to heed that call - it’s just like a ringing phone, you don’t have to answer it or get involved in conversation.

If you have doubts, stay away, and if you’re dealing with a spirit whose reputation is dubious, at the very least do (or have done for you) some divination to see how it will turn out.

You wouldn’t just turn your life over to any human who managed to get into your awareness and it’s the same with spirits, some are trustworthy for some people even when they have a bad reputation (due maybe to past life/inherited links) but caution is always a good thing, and no entity who wants to work with you in a productive way will mind you verifying this in advcance - as with humans, it’s only the ones who want to scam you who get angry when you question their motives or veracity.

Well first of all talk to him and ask him if he would really would take more than he gives. In my case he didnt and he helped me a lot so i really would recommend working with him but always treating him with great respect and if your desire is realistic.

Have you not lost anything Angel? You have asked for help with a few things recently.

There’s not such thing as Spirit bring you money or money spell,It’s just not gonna happen,look in the Becoming Living God section, Ritual for hire Money section, Money & Law - only $1,997

What I Won’t Do

Make you a trillion dollars

It’s not possible even with ‘‘Iadon’’ but if you want to try the ritual for hire at least you will have a VIDEO PROOF that that the ritual has been done.