I would like to talk about an experience I had with the King Bael

So I’ll talk about what I’ve been up to recently and talk a little bit about my experience with Bael.

I sort of evoked him in a safe place, which is the house where I live now. I’ve previously locked it down so nothing comes in but the spirits who I invite in. It might’ve been around 9pm when I ran into some really good information and some sort of verse that I quoted in order to invite him in and to use my voice and/or hands to speak with me I already calmed myself down got in peace.

After I quoted this verse, I chanted his enn and he answered rather quickly. I felt a presence in the house, and it was like everything just got oddly quiet. I live in a city in front of a really transited avenue, so it is indeed a big deal to get all that quiet in here.

He used my voice. If I had to describe it, I’d say that is sort of a guttural voice deep, pretty different than mine, even when I do that kind of vocals. We spoke for a while and answered me some questions I had in mind, but I had other questions that I didn’t think of, because it was actually the first time I get to communicate with an entity, especially this huge as the King Bael itself. I just wanted to share this experience, since he told me it was ok to do so. And I see many has had experiences like this.

Thanks to you all for reading this and later on, whenever I find it again, I’ll comment the thing that I read so you all can try it out and perhaps summon the King or any other entity and speak to them as I’ve done tonight. Greetings and cheers!