I would like to share my experience! :D

Hope you’re having a good week.
I want to share my experience related to this section, and if you have any suggestions I’ll read it with gratitude. also sorry for the bad english (I’m practicing on that!)

My parents build me a strong belief that makes me thing that I could do anything, the way I want, the best I can imagine (something like a blessing! haha).
The reason I say that, is because it is what propelled my interest in magic and in the beginning in the RHP.
When I began my adventure on these issues, I started to read about Saint Germain a lot, and I started to follow his readings, and the movements related to him, always by my own way… until I found something like a “teacher”.
She was (and still is) and old woman, very, very full of life and health.
And she started to teach me on private lessons.
Then I started to apply what she told me, and I started to have a lot of respect for this person, because I started to have results… like lucid dreaming, I started to feel a Powerful Aura surrounding me, like fire, a fire that make me laugh and make me feel peaceful, and and I could direct that energy with thought… I started to practice with it. The results were very powerful, and my mind begins to have a sense of emptiness / full, I dont know how to describe it, the old woman told me that it was how it feels the union with the absolute and she told me that the only thing I have to do now, is let the things happen, because there is something like a “divine plan”… and told me that if I feel a need to do something, I just have to visualize it
So, all of this happened in just three months (a non stop practice), and the next three-four month were only enjoying, I just think on something, and it instantly appears in front of me, just with the power of visualisation.
I visualized something related to emotions (related to Saint Germain books),and started to “work” with that… I do not want to delve into these things, because everyone can create what they want.

One of the things she taught me at the first “lessons”, was something like a “pseudo-asceticism” I refrained from any sexual orientation, drug use, alcohol, meat, synthetic things and consuming only water and some fruits and vegetables. And no, I was not tired, on the contrary, throughout this period I slept only 4 hours and I woke to exercise, to read, to work, study and study and study more !, I felt infinite …

And a day (when the break was detonated), was walking with this old woman to the place where the payment of pensions is done, and she complained (something he never did, and who taught me not to do) about how long they were the rows at the place every time she went … I thought, “ah, she is on her right to complain,” and to help, I visualize the empty place with a worker only for us, then I told her he could stay quiet. she looked at me with a WTF face … at this time I felt uncomfortable, I had the strong urge to get out of there and visualize things like her were complaining, but I said … fukk it, already done. And I calmed down again.
The thing is that when we reached the place, everything was exactly as I displayed, and see the face of the old woman and was like “holy crap”. she withdrew his pension, and well … here I put another story! (In another thread, I posted on talismans, well, she is also part of the story) and told her about talismans that the other guy gave me, I showed and she put a scared face, then put the same face of “holy crap” when the previous event occurred. she told me things of the talismans related to things that went against the beliefs she taught me … And paradoxically, I believed hem. I felt that everything went to hell in a week of fighting those beliefs.
one of them was that this gave my energy to someone else, and that these people can took away my will (which at this point I know it’s a lie …) and I said, well … things happen for a reason.
A year later, after not having gone to study with her (only phone calls to know she was okay). I went to the last class with her.
He asked me to find a couple … I did not question his method of teaching, but when she asked, I felt a tremendous hate and also, like a strong headache on the third eye and crown chakra… it was like a ring burning me on the head and the ring became smaller every time… Fucking painful… Maybe pure suggestion… anyway, also feel a strong need to cry, cry for a “void feeling” (not the nice feeling at the beginning).
I did what she asked me, and I turned away from the teachings of the old woman. and I started my own way.
Another issue is that, on the lucid dreaming, every time I “visited” her, She was dressed with a black poncho(unlike his other students, who were using very colorful clothes), and she has a lantern, with a key.
So! this is all for the moment.
You think I made a mistake attributing much power to this old woman?
Or maybe I just have to practice again this thing
BTW I dont have a specific name to this teachings, she never showed me a book or something, only from mouth to ear, and A LOT of practice.

Greetings! Hope you enjoy it! (and hope you can understand it >.<! LOL)


One of the first lessons we should learn to protect our selves is to trust and hear more from our higher self than from third party, the state you was of manifesting it’s the ideal to start to invoke your spiritual guide, in the end we are all in the human form and trust me when I said - Human teachers will disappoint you when you start a close relationship, the
enchantment of admiration will break soon or later. I leaned it the hard way 3 times.