I would like to introduce myself

I am fairly new to the practice, having only read about it in forums. A recent life event has shown me that I can no longer idly stand by and simply observe the world around me. I need to actively take part in improving the world for those I care about.

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Welcome :blush:

Please can you expand on your introduction a little…

How old you are?
Where do you hail from?
Do you have any areas of magic that are of interest to you?
…and finally what experience do you have?

A little curious that’s all…


As @Angliaenchantress82 mentioned, if you would kindly enlighten us with a little more information, we may be able to point you to resources that will help you cope with your tragedy and embark on your journey.

A proper introduction is required, and should include:
What you would like us to call you?
Your age? - this helps guide us on your mindset and life experiences.
What types of magical practices you are interested in? If you are aware of what they are, if you are not we can certainly guide you to the very basic practices that most consider standard across the board.
Where are you from? Culture can greatly influence your path, and same as the rest of these questions aid us in helping sort things out for you.

We all know this is annoying, most of us start out a bit uncomfortable jumping in before we know anything, but there are many people here along different paths, and with many newcomers a day this helps us sort out whose here troll, whose here to learn and which direction would should send you upon.

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