I would like some help

Okay so im new to all this but i really want to start. My aunt has recently hurt me as well as my mother and sisters. I want to somehow get revenge. I would like to learn to summon and spells, so if anybody could help me that would be great.

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What is your goal? What do you want to happen to her?

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Honestly right now i want her to feel how much pain i have from her. I want her to know whats its like to want to die. I want her to give me freedom and let me live my own life. Shes very controlling and shes very passive aggressive and i hate it. She constantly tells me im overweight and judges me. She tells me i need to fix myself when im sad and she doesnt listen to me. I just want revenge. My sisters talk about me behind my back and my mom gave us up. I just want them to hurt.

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try and imagine your anger as an energy and put it on them

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Is there anything else i can do?

You want to summon a spirit?

Look through this

Awesome thank you. This would definitely help. I am just starting so is there any spirits you recommend or tips for this?

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Not sure. I don’t do curse magic. Hopefully someone else who does curses can help you out.

Okay thats okay, i might end up doing it after some research. Thank you so much.

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She’s just reflecting her own insecurities and hurt ,not trying to be a moralist here but maybe deal with it in a loving way if possible at all

I have tried that and it just doesnt help at all.

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You want her to let, you, live, your life?? What does this, mean

She prob means live without being criticized

Then she, should probably get, as far, away, as possible from the, criticizer, don’t you think?

Yes without being criticized thank you

It’s not easy if ur a teenager tho

I have to live with them because i cant live with my mother and step dad for legal reasons

Well something that, can, be really beneficial for you in the long run, is, to, severe the cords attaching you to your mum… It’ll be, better than, cursing her

Try learning about manifesting , shiftingYour thoughts and emotions can shift your reality and even others perception of you , that’s all I can say really,