I would like some advice from people who have experience with this

I have developed at an astonishing rate as of late, but my biggest learning curve is physical objects and spirits, or condensing an energy to a physical form.

I can’t do it, yet, not without immense time and effort, but I feel the vibrations of the object becoming more real and it starts to abide by the physical laws of physics, whatever I’m condensing, but it’s never really convenient or substantial, and I feel like I keep hitting walls as I condense it, less limits of the mind or body and more like I just can’t push it down fast enough So, to anyone with experience doing this, and to people who won’t immediately assume it’s my skill level because it’s always more complex than just skill alone, what’s up with this? Belial said something about increasing my energetic capacity, something I’ve been doing for a bit today, but I still wanna hear your opinions