I worked with Azazel and

I had invoked Azazel and he had me do this ritual, speaking the words Asta Astu Astra. I remember speaking clearly in the ritual, I am free and no longer chained to this mortal self, I am forever immortal, a living god in the flesh. I’m curious to see if you all know what these words ASTA ASTU ASTRA mean.


this seem familiar like some one else asked to

Sounds Latin. Astra is Latin for stars. Reminds me of this phrase

The word “asta” reminds me of the Spanish word “Hasta” (pronounced the same) which means “until”.

And “Astū” is a present indicative conjugation and is “used to describe habits, unchanging situations, general truths, and fixed arrangements.”
It is Latin for “craft” which is synonymous or can be used in place of the following:
“physical strength, force[1], might, courage, art, science, skill, ability, trick, fraud, trade, calling, work or product of art, hex, tool, machine"(https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/craft#cite_note-2)

I’m sure you can piece together what he is trying to say from here.
(I really love languages lol)

Or it could be that these combinations of words have a different route of meaning that would take too long to write. I honestly believe he means both. Azazel says a lot with very few words.
I’d advise you to study. He doesn’t speak for no reason.


Thank you and I have been studying. These words have lots of power.


You’re welcome :blush:

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Hasta means spear in latin


Working with the spirits tends to lead to speaking in foreign tongues. Not to incredibly long ago, I wound up channeling words in Latin, I don’t speak Latin.


I think Azazel is telling you to reach for the stars.


in the live video i said that can open the gates,i feel darkness and stellar too
aslo when you recived it and what you talked about with him before he gave you that

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so Asta in Spanish and Italian it means flagpole or shaft (of a weapon) Astu in latin means cunning and Astra means stars so if we use the shaft of a weapon meaning of Asta then put them all together maybe Azazel is giving you a magical chant or maybe even a part of a ritual that would give u a weapon made of the starts. just my thoughts take it as you please.

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I asked him to wake my immortal self and teach me.

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Interesting, thank you!

well may that can awake that self

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I believe it may be. I also asked Joey Morris and she said that Azazel gave them to form these words into my true name, my hidden name. So those all could be possible.

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