I wonder what the demon lords think of this game

I’ve been thinking about this mobile game all day since I saw it advertised last night. It’s called ‘Obey Me’. Aimed at teenage-mid 20 girls. :joy:. It’s got Lucifer, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Mammon… etc. From my knowledge it’s a very ‘Otome’ game, set in ‘Devildom’ :joy::joy:

I wonder what they think of it? Surely it’s insulting but maybe they see the humor in it, and in the humor that thousands of teenage girls now have a crush on them :joy:. For sure it’ll make players a little less scared/make them seem more approachable. Perhaps even leading the girls to research about them.

I mean the demon lords have a lot more on their plates but surely one of them have seen it :joy:

Random thought :joy:

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They may not even recognise those caricatures as themselves, the game probably isn’t dedicated to them magickally, in which case no links were made and the characters are thier own thing, not avatars of those entities.

Yeah, It might encourage people to reach out to the actual entity that inspired the character. Those people may get thoughtforms of the game character though not the actuall force, that’s the risk I see.

Like the Norse gods in the marvel films, they are just humans playing with ideas, which we are supposed to do, and that’s ok.


sounds pretty much what primces(ess) of hell are up to today.

they abuse these commands in future to interfere their existence, i saw it all, cannot say im proud, but yea u gotta eat right

For as long as I can remember, Japanese and anime themed games and media have had subtle references to western demons. I’ve wondered why that is for a while.

As an example, look back to the original localization of the game Tactics Ogre. Not the re-released early 2010s version where the localizers decided to re-name everyone. I mean the original. Look at the cast of characters, both recruitable and not. Here’s a list of just the ones that leap to memory. It’s subtle in that the characters aren’t exactly emulating their namesakes, but… for real, it’s no coincidence.

Duke Ronway (Ronove)
Allocer (Alloces)
Zapan (Zagan)
Haborym (Aim)
Orias (Orinas)
Seele (Seere. Pretty sure the localizer wasn’t aware of the demon, and in Japanese “l” and “r” are the same)
Byan (Likely Bune)
Andoras (Likely Andras)

That’s not even getting into the very blatant references and reimaginings like the Goetic demons in Bloodstained. Or in the ecchi themed DxD High School. Or all the Gundams that were named after demons. Or Shadow Hearts 2 where there’s an entire minigame about collecting all 72 demonic seals for the lesser key of solomon.


This shit is all over Instagram now. Never understood how Instagram sponsoring works, to be honest. I can understand art-related sponsors, but I feel like game ads don’t fit and shouldn’t appear to people with no history and searches of gaming accounts… I don’t care if there’s a new cringy otome game out Instagram! :joy:
Back to the topic at hand.
I ,too, believe that the demon lords have better things to do than occupy themselves with the wild fantasies of an anime-fan programmer. Moreover, the characters on that game aren’t really a reflection of them, it’s possible that the programmer or character designer for the game doesn’t even believe in their existence. Besides, there are COUNTLESS inaccurate representations of them in movies, books,shows etc.
I think Satan wins as far as inaccurate depictions are concerned lol.
If they cared about things like that or found them offensive we would know… :joy:

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:rofl: I play this game! Its hilarious! But publicity is publicity! The demons don’t really care how, as long as their names get out there!
I was so into the story that Lucifer had to tell me “you do realise its just a fantasy game?”


One could also ask them what they think about how they are portrayed in certain videogames and popular animes that I’m sure many of us have played or watched. I think that, for instance, in Hispanic countries there are guys named Jesus and people named like saints. Where I live I know of three people named like demons (I knew a kid named Marchosias, another whose second name was Azazel and there was a famous murderer whose last name was Orias), which is super rare, but later when I got into these things I realized. So, if some character is named like a demon, like Rias Gremory or the many Asmodeus that are around in fiction, I just see it as a name coincidence that may or may not have to do with how I perceive the actual one


I think it works out for the girls on the fact that they have positive images of the Lord’s


They already have their own harem in this forum, but, as Liber AL says:

II:71 But exceed! exceed!


I could just imagine Lucifer watching over your shoulder as you play this like ‘hmm’ :joy::joy:


yeah he definitely wasn’t amused! :rofl:

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