I won

I have not posted in a while, for the past 4 months my division at the company was facing retrenchment so the team elected me to represent them to see if I can save their jobs, including mine. At the beginning I asked (in form of sigil gazing) Mepsitahl, Azazel and belial to assist me in fighting against an international corporation. Many things came to me that I used in meetings but in the end I saved half the staff including myself. And I have the least amount of time working for that company so I should have definitely been retrenched and lost every thing in the process. So thank you Mepsitahl, Azazel and belial now I may continue with my accent to godhood.


Belial is godlike and amazing. Same goes for Azazel. I haven’t worked with Mepsitahl much, but going to utilize her in my scrying sessions.