I woke up in my dream, and then I woke up from my dream

I had a dream, which had a feeling I was kind of trapped in the room but they she (the girl) me a certain condition before I would leave like when it got to a certain time I would be able to evoke or summon emperor lucifer.

Then as the time was ticking I stood up and she continued talking but I was smoking and puffing really fast, but in my mind I was playing game with the girl, she wouldn’t allow me summon lucifer but I found myself telepathically chanting Lucifer’s enn in my head which she was unaware of and a few seconds later my phone rang it was a private number and the voice told me to write a letter to the girl at the moment then she would let me leave. I was surprised, I asked the voice who he was he didn’t reply for a first time then I asked again and he responded ‘we are the people’ then hung up. I was happy as hell that I was gonna leave the room but I was puzzled as to where the call came from and the next thing I was cracking the girl up.

Then I woke up in my dream and the first thing I saw was like Lucifer’s cloak (maybe red or black or both but it was the lower part, including his palm or shoe or whatever he was wearing)my girlfriend was like what the hell was going on like I was having conversations with someone and she heard the girl’s voice but didn’t see her then I told her the girl’s voice was in my head and she was crazy surprised at the same time and then I was telling her like damn babe Magick is fucking real that was king lucifer babe, I was going crazy and so she was.

Then I woke up from my own dream a second time.

(In the first dream where I was trapped, an old friend from college was by my side the entire time) and there were other things I couldn’t remember.



Looks like what I saw in the dream, must be black or red