I wish

We could open a portal to a fertile unoccupied world, bring all the homeless there, and have the gods teach them to rebuild civilization.

Maybe they may do better with running a society.

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This is political and violating forum rules.



It’s more like just a random thought that the OP posted for no apparent reason, since there is no question asked, nor any theory to discuss. It’s just a statement apropos to nothing. :man_shrugging:


It is impossible to debate this in any way without sliding into politics, as he states;

I am willing to bet good money that everything today will repeat itself, most likely even worse, since homeless people became homeless for a reason.

These people you’d send away to colonize will know nothing about running their own lives, so likely they’ll fuck up everything from production, to distribution, to general logistics.

As a result, resources would not be fairly distributed, resulting in poverty, resulting in unrest, resulting in wars.

Wars will divide people into groups, groups will form tribes, and voila, we have todays society again…but most likely a lot worse…by a lot.

Society is way better today, especially western, than it could have been, so I don’t understand why people whine about it.

I am poor, I am single, my life is not all that great, but I know it could have been a million times worse.


You should look at some of his other posts hehe. But in all seriousness I think he’s a kid, like a teenager or something, so maybe we should cut him some slack, even if he does irritate us.


And don’t forget this line. It pretty much ignores most of human history where the “teachings of the gods,” always leads to the establishment of a priest class which then becomes the sole arbiters of what is considered the correct interpretation of the gods’ lessons, hoarding power and putting down those who don’t agree.


BUT, if we put the BALG community on a new planet and let EA Koetting lead us as a priest, wouldn’t that be a blast tho? XD


Um…no. :rofl:

I have mad respect for EA because his works have done a lot for my personal spiritual progression, but I do not agree with a lot of his current stuff so I would most likely be one of those put down in the BALG theocracy :wink:

Some people already think this forum is a cult so I guess a planetary theocracy would be the next step? :thinking:


Never thought you would make so much sense man… Holy shit.


David acts like New Jersey has a really bad homeless problem.


Likelihood of a fertile world not having evolved (or manifested etc) an advanced sentient species is almost zero anyway.

Agreed, I’m going to close this, it’s just marxism (the less financially/materially successful you are in society, the more visionary & moral a person you must be) given a sci-fi twist.

Maybe @davethebarbarian could spend several weeks living in homeless hostels and in underpasses and other cardboard cities, and begin obeying any command or request given to him by the other residents, to test his theory out. :innocent: