I wish

…That i could post this in the upper deck…
Official Announcements

But i guess it would be too much :smiley:
They won’t let me…buT! At least…they told me i could say this, so i am saying because i just had the best night of my life and right now i can express how i am feeling but, i just had a visit from Samael and Lilith.
It is now Official!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!
Fuck yes :smiley:

:smiley: I am so happy…now that i can express!!! What i was just feeling well that is a bit harder to express :stuck_out_tongue:
For everyone that is starting this path in life and has the privilege to visit Mister Koetting website, you should know that in here REAL MAGICK IS practiced. This is REAL.
You won’t get any better…
And because of that i add a final note :wink:

Kisses from Miss B. to Mister Koetting.