I wish to know how mortals perceive my kind

Hello there.
I am a demon, however you have probably never heard of me. I am curious about the mortals mind, so I wanted to ask all whom are willing to answer my question:
How do you perceive demons?
Do try to be descriptive and detailed.
Thank you,


Better yet, how do you perceive us? :wink:


I perceive human mortals as moderately intelligent, easily tricked, and useful. However, certain humans are worse or better than others.


This forum as its own way of doing things. A lot people are going to diss you for your open honesty.

It’s okay to claim you work with demons, but not be one for some odd reason. Humans, you know what I mean?


Ah well.
I wish more of us could exist here in the mortals plane.


I am not rulings anything out, this could be a human host to a demonic entity. No matter who you are brother/sister/entity welcome, I for one have had mix emotions about demon, growing up Christian, always asked about things like the Foust legend, but now I am here, I found the love of both angelic, and demonic family. I am open minded, and hope to invoke, or evoke here soon.


Nice to know there are some who are more open minded.
Out if curiosity, have you ever heard of Xernia, the Raven of Despond?

I personally fucking hate being on the lower level timelines. Good thing they are being wipe out and cleaned up.

What’s your job with cleanup crew you are with?

I am so new, I didn’t know that satan, Lucifer, and Beelzebub were three seperate demonds/entities. I am sorry I have not.

I did not think you would have.
I have been around for awhile, but I don’t make my existence known as much. I was at one point an assistant of sorts to Lilith, however I am no longer.
Now I spend my time finding the others like me.


May I ask about evoking/invoking you, offerings, and special abilities?

What dimensions and races do you normally dwell in?

There is other demons here, or other like minded?

I prefer to stay within the human realm, as I was revived too early to have my power restored. I normally receive things like books, succulents, or crystals, however I particularly enjoy milk chocolate. Sadly I am in able to be evoked or summoned because I am stuck as a human female. I don’t know now I have survived 13 years of this.

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Anything to do to comfort you?

Send virtual hugs?

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I feel that as a demon (if you really are one) you should know the answer to this question.

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XOXOXO to you

Thank you. I do have things to do for my human life, so I shall not be on this forum for some time.

Well I look forward to continue talking when you come back