I wish there was a friend button or some kind of follow button on here

I like people here and I want them to know it and vice versa :smiley:


I wish there was a Forum Game section so I can host/play werewolf games


That would be cool if there was a friend button but then again I already know that everybody likes me.


I lulz’d :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::+1::+1:

I totally agree though but I dont know if discourse has that feature, maybe there is a plugin that could be installed, if discourse has the ability for plugins

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My forum has games :joy: but no one is ever there :cry:


I think it’s intentional. Makes it less like other social media.

And not having a gaming section to keep the focus on discussion of Magick, but we spend plenty of time chit chatting.

Can always make an occult group on a place like Facebook if one enjoys those features.
I’m sure some exist already??? I’m not on Facebook so I don’t know.


Hmmn, You aren’t the first to have requested this.

I also requested (in my opinion) a much needed ignore button at the top level so when I see a thread by someone I really can’t, just can’t I don’t have to go into the thread and read their nonsense in order to mute it. Likewise they don’t have to read any of mine.

Some sites have this and you just get “You are ignoring this user click to view post” - it’s beautiful and zen like.

I know self-discipline, don’t read but you do and then it’s some irrelevant bs and you’ve wasted half an hour and your beautiful energy on someone who won’t actually do anything constructive with the response.

You can follow categories and topics but not specific users.

I don’t do friends.

Hell, I really really really need that NUKE BUTTON. OUT OUT DEMON STALKER OF STUPIDITY…


Did someone on here piss you off… you seem angry about something ?

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Well, you don’t have to read it, just see it, think “nup not for me thanks” and click the bottom of the slider on the screen, select Muted, job done.

If you go to your profile’s Preferences - Notifications you’ll see a text input near

Suppress all notifications from these users.

I have put forward to Timothy a proposal to categorise things better so the more personal and subjective topics can all be in one location (and don’t forget YOU TL3 guys will be able to sheepdog them into the right Category) and then you can mute that entire category. :+1:


Thanks to the 5 likes. Glad to see people agree with me!!! :smiley: