I was wondering if the dark sun is the same as black flame?

i was wondering if the dark sun is the same as black flame?

it is not

Black flame is a gatekeepers thing, and all of the gatekeepers involved form it.

black sun is an idea, a thoughtform. A sun of death

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The Black Sun is also related to the Qliphot Thagirion. Very important by working with Sorath for example. The Black Flame is part of the Ascension by channeling the powers of Darkness :heart:

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The black sun is not a thoughtform wtf

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Read Liber Negro Solis


I assumed it was made up

Like, not naturally formed by nature. So thoughts made it. Thoughtform

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Try this - paused at the time when he talks about the visible and invisible - or causal - sun.

The sun is another representation of Lucifer, Prometheus, the sun - Sorath as mentioned by Rav, Surtr, divine fire, many other names - or intelligence connecting the animal to the spiritual or nature to deity via the rising of the phoenix or spiritual energy.
The below video is long, but interesting as it uses ancient historical sources to compare and unravels a lot of the symbolism for practical occult use rather than mystical worship.

None of these terms can be taken at face value, they’re all metaphorical, and different cultures used related but different symbolism for the same things.
In this case, I think the black flame and the dark/invisible sun are the same thing - slightly different names coming from different currents.


He knows his stuff, he is good