I was given something to smoke in the astal plane

I was in the astral plane a few minutes or so ago, not too sure for how long but it couldn’t have been more than an hour. While there, I was given something to smoke out of a pipe that looked like mushrooms. After doing so, overwhelming waves of energy would fill me, then dissipate. This happened several times, and my jaw started to clench uncomfortably like it usually does when I astral project. Had anyone ever had this experience? What did I smoke?

WE don’t really have an easy way to answer that, as we weren’t there and don’t know what was going on.

It might have been ideal to ask whoever gave you that before you smoked it. :slight_smile:

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Ideally yes that would have been great to ask, but sometimes things happen there pretty fast and I’m not the best at controlling my travels yet. I didnt even see who it was and frankly didn’t think much of it till it was already done :grin:

Well, something to consider is whether it was more symbolic of something. But f that’s the case, it will be very personal to you.

Could be a peace pipe indicating the entity wants to work with you? Could be a parasite tricking you into inhaling it? If you smoke a lot could be a simple memory activation. There’s a lot of possibilities.

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