I was cursed by the Demiurge

English is not my native language so I’m sorry for the mistakes. I’ll begin from the moment when I was cursed by him. I thought I worked with Lucifer for some period to get knowledges but I never used his sigil to connect with him. So, I thought that Im talking with him when I heard “do you want to become a hostage of forms?”. I asked what it means then got this:

  1. It is the job wich means I will become any form to create itself. For example I can become the cloud structure and change it to storm.
  2. I will work for eon years until I stop being useful to the universe
  3. If I will agree he will give me the implant of transmutation to active eon of my skills. “You will become the powerful wizard”.
    I love to create and I was tempted by this so I accepted it. (absolutely stupid, I know)

I got this implant and I become a little more powerful, but not equal to eon years of job as you can guess. I was fully deceived. After I heard “this is curse”.
I started an investigation to understand who was that entity and I figured out that was Demiurge. I used sigil to connect with Demiurge-Yaldabaoth and talk. He told me “you will suffer for eternity” in context that I will only suffer and only get pain in any forms, but not create beautiful things. I tried to reach an agreement but it was useless.

Im asking for help, what I should do.
I have 2 options:

  1. Find entity that stronger than him to sell myself
  2. Find way to over my existence (destoy my soul)

If you can help me in any way I will very thankful to you


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Both are pointless. If you sell yourself you’re in debt to another being and destroying your soul may be impossible and you’ll just be recycled back

It might be a parasite or if it’s an entity you can petition one of your guides for help.


Well… If choosing between these 2 decisions, 1st one is slightly better. I doubt that it’s necessary to sell yourself/your soul though, maybe some sort of a contract will turn out.
Choosing an entity… Demonic divine will work the best against Demiurge, maybe. For example, you can call Lucifer himself to help you.
You can also ask your spirit guides for help or some advice.

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Ask for divine justice and protection, this is the best thing you can do.


…Then how do you know that you were working with Lucifer?

Yep, these sound like the workings of an imposter spirit.

And have you been able to? Create, I mean.

There are much simpler ways to remove a curse (or in your case, imposter), tutorials for which can be found by searching the forums.


As I know Lucifer is closely associated with Demiurge

Do I have spirit guides? How to call them?

No he isn’t.


“There are much simpler ways to remove a curse (or in your case, imposter), tutorials for which can be found by searching the forums.”

I wish it were so easy, but I don’t believe that some ritual will help me to get off the stranglehold of god-like power entity. I think the best descision is make contact with Lucifer. He is one of the few entities that I respect.

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Stop giving power to this entity, gods don’t behave like this unless provoked greatly. And even then, they will make your life much worse than what you’re going through.

If you feel like you can’t contact a spirit guide, then use your power within.

Meditate and connect to your higher self, Strengthen yourself.

You can do this, Don’t be afraid, trust yourself


It actually is that easy.

Like I said, this sounds like an imposter and not the real Demiurge.

If the real Demiurge really wanted to curse you, he wouldn’t need you to take an offer. He’d just curse you outright.


Only you can cure you of this. These are lies and you are not bound by any of this. Start by leaving this victim mentality behind and living your life. My recommendation is to get back into the mundane and physical world as much as possible for now.

Build up your physical body and mind and then gradually ease back into spiritual practice if you so desire. Sometimes we have to just take a step back and get out of our own heads and realize we are creating these issues ourselves.

Even if you are targeted, I’m willing to bet this is an imposter spirit and not the demiurge. Doing what I mentioned above will sever the energy or at least lessen it until you can attain some equilibrium. Obsessing over this will just feed into it even further.

So for now…log off this website, put your books away, get good sleep as often as possible, eat well, work out, try and improve your physical body, watch funny movies, make new friends or strengthen ties with current ones, concentrate on work, go out and do things in the world without thinking about how it may further or hinder your spiritual progress. Even if I’m wrong, what would it hurt if you are doomed for eternity? Might as well try and enjoy this world as much as possible.




Hekate removed this implant and spent me to Demiurge. We talked about me and he let me go. I love Hekate🔥

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I understood know, that I am the only one person who is cursing everything and everyone because of my own worthlessness. I thought Demiurge did it, but he doesn’t. He even gave me protection when I asked one question. He is so truly grate and fair in fact. Im crying and I am so thankful to him. I understood that my own behavior is disgusting and I need to work on myself.


Being that this entity is clearly an imposter, have you considered that it may not be as powerful as you think? With that in mind, imposters can be removed as well as their implants. Although, it will most likely be a pain in the behind. You can use your inner energy to burn the implant out of you and then proceed to handling the imposter. I would do it in that order because if you don’t get rid of the implant first you’re at a disadvantage. If you cannot remove it yourself than it wouldn’t hurt to ask Lucifer to remove it for you. You can do it. Don’t be afraid. It’s going to be okay. You got this.