I Was A Bad Soul

Hey guys I need some advice.

So a karmic cycle is ending for me. I was being pulled to a dangerous and destructive person (but I stayed away because demons were helping me). Now that the karma has ended I can feel it so strongly. I’ve intuited that I hurt this person in a past life and also that I’ve hurt quite a few of my soul family members.

So it seems like I had a lot of bad karma in this lifetime to pay. And who knows, maybe more to come.

Now I do believe that karma is avoidable. I don’t care if I was a bad soul, all I want is to be safe, for this to never happen again in this lifetime or any other, and to be free. I’m going to try some black rituals just to ensure I can escape whatever this karma force is. I want to get away from it and my soul family and become a free agent of the LHP.

Any advice or opinions?


I have felt an incredible release. Turns out the RHP didn’t want me to be happy because my relationship with them was too push pull (I couldn’t help resisting them cause I could sense on a strong level that they were wrong) and also cause of past life misdeeds

Karma’s only an idea…Conscious will overcomes all…well alot at least

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the fact that you are using karma as an excuse further weighs down on your common sense. karma has no effect on you at all, and for a black practitioner to even mention karma is idiotic. the reason why we are on the left path is to break free from these absurd mentalities and excuses for liberation


Karma affects those that follow it. It’s a subjective force that if you feel like you should be punished for an action then you will, same with rewarded. However karma has always been what you do in your current life will affect your next life belief not a what you do in your current life will affect your current life.

So while I don’t follow karma my beliefs around it’s working tend to shift and I find it’s probable that in a previous life you did follow it and this is the outcome of such, but your beliefs are ever changing and while in this life what you make of it is defined by such not by your past actions.


Saying you had a lot of bad karma though seems strange to me. So your life now is a punishment for some past fuck up from before u were born into this body…well why the hell should u have to pay the price. Left Hand Path is say "No. Fuck that! Doesn’t matter what i did last life, I WONT accept punishment this lifetime, and I will mold my life in a way that makes me happy, where i can get what i want and enjoy it! " Left hand path is putting up ur middle finger to the universes laws and pissing on it, and then taking a dump on it, laughing and enjoying this life (responsibly) …

Left hand path is the mindset of making anything that seeks to control u fuck off. This isn’t implying u ditch the beleif of karma if thats ur jazz…but FIGHT IT…RESIST, and CONTROL EVERYTHING…Become powerful…

Karma is passive…LHP is active! In action u become responsible and powerful…in inaction u float by from birth to death, inert…RHP also requires being active, but with LHP u are ur own master…Either is better than letting karma and mistakes ur body doesnt even remember clusterfuck ur existence…

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@anon64752597 You are absolutely correct, thank you

Thanks all of you.

I’m feeling so much better now. You wouldn’t believe it. The synchronicities are coming like crazy. But there was some kind of force in control of me before, some old paradigm that the demonic entities may be fighting against. I was caught up in it. It’s hard to explain. I thought my chakra blockages were the problem but no it was this construct having power over me in its strange ways


I believe karma is RHP way of thinking. I do not think its avoidable. If you are in Shani graha, basically its 7 years bad luck. All you can do is wait it out.