I want your opinions on this!


So! this dagger arrives in the mail tomorrow!

I obviously am already planning to consecrate the dagger to the powers of darkness… but I have an idea, so I watched a video by EA koetting it was one of his older videos reviewing the necromantic sorcery book. He showed something he created that he said would arrive in the mail with it, a grimoire cover! To conserve and protect the energies in the confided grimoire. I was wondering what your opinions are if I consecrated the sheath for the same purpose, so I’d consecrate the dagger itself with the powers of darkness and then I’d consecrate the sheath to protect it magically! What are your thoughts on this I don’t think it’s a bad idea.


I have this exact knife. I bought it as a toy for my son.

It’s heavy and not sharp, it’s a fantasy knife not meant for heavy duty use as an actual knife. It’s all about it’s looks. So it’ll be a fine athame.

I don’t know how much it needs protecting, the sheath already does that by it’s designated purpose as a sheath, but there’s no reason not to go the extra mile. I guess it depends what you’re expecting to have to protect it from. I don’t have much free time so I’d put that effort into my general house and temple wards.

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So I could still use this as a ritual dagger you think? Cause as far as I’m correct the dagger is mainly used to direct energy.

Sure. You can also use your finger, a stick from the garden, a kitchen knife, a dagger made from a carboard cutout, do whatever you like.

I like beautiful things, this is beautiful, so it’s great.


Looks great to me, the aesthetic emotional impact is what gives a tool its power.

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I ordered a chalice then later found out it can’t have any markings on it, it has baphomet and a star on it, would this be ok anyway or no