I want your concepts on this!


What Job, effort or goal, would make it reasonable for YOU to reincarnate,
and spend more than just one lifetime to be dedicated towards!?




Hmmmm. Becoming the most amazing genius musician. Just naturally talented with a love of constant work and improvement. I want to be talked about for eons. Like Mozart and Beethoven on musical steroids


Ascension, most likely. Evolution.


I agree with @Mr.Vulture on this.


Finishing the long term Magick I’m involved with now.
God save the Queen - because nothing will save the Australian people.



I feel like I’m gonna be the only non magick related answer :joy:


Good timing. My ‘last’ incarnation wad my last, and while I know why I came back, I still not sure why agreed to. I was informed by Azazel just last night that I will no longer be able to incarnate on Earth even if I wanted to. My resonances are not human enough any more, and when I shed this vessel that’s it.

I never thought you had to be human to ascend as an individual anyway, maybe it’s quicker on Earth, maybe it’s not, I think Earth is a collective project. So the reason to participate is to contribute to the project in some way.


No, dagar, what i’ve heard from you was quite concerning to me,
as it still resembles a mindset of competing against other magicians,
and seeking to overcome those who’re in this with you,
rather then joining in to work together,
and become solid and firm by letting go of the illusion of … well, let’s just say the “high score” in mind.

However, this was an open question,
and i expected variety of answers to come back from it.

Thank you very much,
i appriciate your open Statement.

And, to keep that one thing clear:
your Answer definately carries some revelative force in it.

I’ll give you an even better option:
Talk to Ayon!






Hmmmm. I can understand what you mean. However I have no intention of pushing anyone down :innocent:


I thought he meant musicians though not MAGicians? :thinking:

Me? Having fun and tidying things up a bit, life and existence is both full of and devoid of meaning, so pick your role, really. :smiley:

I like being alive, food is excellent, and sex, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG i completely over-read that! :stuck_out_tongue:
truely my bad!

Sorry dagar, i really read that wrong.
My appologies.




:joy::joy::joy::joy: it’s fine lol. I’m only interested in being the best musician


Apparently I was picky as to when and if I’ll reincarnate so I’m one of those souls with very few incarnations. And as such picky soul I’m also wondering why I decided to come back. My guts say “to protect” but I have yet to find out what. Does that answer somehow your question?


oh, i understood.




This shit hole? Are you kidding me? Here!? Never again!!