I want to write a script i need help

I want to wright a script for a movie it can only have 4 scenes around 20 minutes long I want this movie to be the most brutal violent movie ever I want to call this movie CITY OF BABYLON OR JUST BABYLON , I want you guys and girls in a few word to give me your most brutal violent evil thoughts you have and then I will pick the best and make 4 movie scenes to write if it makes it or not that’s a different mater thanks to all who participate i don t need a whole SA just need ideas thanks

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A giant picks an esteemed warrior up by the legs, smacking him into a tree.

Are you looking for gore as well?

I was once so angry with a character in a film called “Wind River” that I fantasized that a fitting and punishing death for them would be to be strapped down and have their neck treated like the truck of a sapling tree that has to come down. Little slivers taken off all the way around until you can push it right over. Seems slow, painful, and brutal. Avoid the carotid and jugular to make it last longer.

Something based on the Viking Blood Eagle would be brutal and gorey too.

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Scaphism is a pretty brutal death method wherein the victim is trapped between two boat hulls so they can’t move, covered in milk and honey, and left to be eaten alive by maggots and insects until dead.

The Blood Eagle is pretty epic. You talking about the guy who is left to die from exposure by the hunter in Wind River? Just saw that recently and thought he deserved much worse, lol.


Babylon was a place of lawlessness it was a brutal place to live hookers murders rapes thieve they where barbarians demon worshipers witchers and warlocks manifested this city

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Or you could do something really ground-breaking and revolutionary and make a movie that helps people feel good about themselves and about their communities, and willing to have enough self-faith to make their little bit of the world a nicer place. :thinking:

But that would break with the mainstream and make people have to actually think. :rofl:


TRUE I was thinking that as well but when it come to movies violent sells the best .for our minds are attracked to darkness

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This was one of the best movies of this decade IMO, huge cult following as well and absolutely the opposite of nihilism, violence for its own sake and dystopias:

And the best-sellin g the book it was based on was self-published so there’s nothing about it that’s out of the reach of any creative person. :man_shrugging:


amazing ill watch the movie

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Book’s excellent as well if you like reading novels. :+1:


That’s exactly the guy I was talking about. :slight_smile:

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You’re right that the world may need more of those, because I’m having a hard time thinking of any off hand. At least ones that aren’t JCI faith-based.
I do have to admit that I did kind of like “Fireproof” when I ignored the preaching moments in the film.

Have you seen the Marigold Hotel movies with Dev Patel and lots of veteran English actors, and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” with Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig. Also, “Step Up Revolution” or “Norma Rae”? They are feel-good and/or inspiring.

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Well there is always torcher. Looking for traditional or somthing a litte more exotic or somewhere inbetween?