I want to use Eshmak to make someone delete a Facebook post about me

I’ve found Eshmak’s sigil and power profile on these forums but I can’t find info about specific requirements to evoke him.
Is there a specific chant I need before I call him?

A Facebook bully has taken some pictures of me to use against me in an argument.
Reporting the bullying to Facebook hasn’t worked, so now I’m trying this.

I want her to delete the comment and delete the pics from her phone since she would have had to save them to her phone before uploading them.

I think I have gotten her embarassed enough with some of my come backs so hopefully Eshmak can push her to delete the comments and photos to save face.

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Well I tried to contact and make my request but didn’t feel a connection. I know how it feels afterwards if I’ve connected with something I feel heavier in my body and it takes some time to shake the energy off. I didn’t feel that this time and don’t know what it means.
The girls post is still up… I will give it a day or so.
When should I try eshmak again? If at all?