I want to Thank Genesha

He is an awesome spirit to work with I only pray to him in my mind and he awllays answeres he helped me with alot of stuff that were important to me. I give him offering of sweets and blood he is a very Good spirit and I love him. He helped me in a flash while I was abroad with some things and I told him in my mind that I will write you guys so he is very awesome.


Great. Amazing read. Good for you to have such a support.

I have a question. Since you pointed that you only pray in your mind. Can you be more specific about those offerings? How to you offer those goods? Under what process?

yes I made him an altar gave him sweets there and a candle in my mind I hug him and give him love. I give him weekly meat offerings on his picture outside alongside my other spirits. When I pray I play in youtube his chant mantra and in my mind I ask him for stuff I know he is great at removing obstacles. Results were within 3minutes some were more dificult tasks but he helped me pass them he is awesome.

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Thanks for the kind reply Sir. After the end of your ritual / offer. What do you do with those goods? For example sweets. Putting them away on the bin? Or what. Sorry for the newbie question. But if you do not ask you would not learn. I want to make similar offers but I want to handle all the stuff in the correct way.

bring them to the forest