I want to stop relying on books

I want to get to a point where I am no longer bound doing magick through books and utilize my own power to create a life that is truly magickal. Not that I necessarily want to eschew books and ritual entirely, but I want to be able to simply DO magick with similar efficacy.

Is this possible?
Is this what it means to be a living god?
Or is this just the beginning?

I have no idea where to start. I have been attempting magick for almost 2 years now and feel like I am making no progress. I know I am spreading myself too thin, with 30 some books halfway finished, not committing to anything wholly.

I need a list, a checklist of skills or developmental tools or a mentor, or SOMETHING that can help me.

I don’t want to give up on this journey, since I discovered the reality of magick and the “spiritual” side of life I have never been happier or more challenged.

If you, the kind members of BALG can give me some advice or point me towards a thread I haven’t been able to find that can give me some answers, I would greatly appreciate it


You need to start finishing books. At least 80% with genuine effort for a book. Well, if you want to progress more efficiently. Different types of books with different styles, different authors, and at least half outside of Balg, since they reference similar things .

I learned the approach from programming (not basic, school stuff, but actual Business problems). Simply looking things up on Stack was enough to solve A problem, but may not impart enough to become Wisdom, as working through a book (actually doing rituals) in a graduated progression is a good way to get the necessary base to take advantage of the case-specific info provided here.

Different styles and approaches makes you better, but only if you do it and apply yourself consistently


It is another book, but maybe check out Magickal Destiny by Damon Brand.

I have reached a point where I feel that I have a deeply rooted understanding that all the books and rituals and stuff are not entirely necessary for me to be connected to magick, but I still do find the books to be enormously helpful.

It seems to me that you have to build a bridge over the proverbial gap (despite the fact that you’re already the other side), and the books and rituals help to do that.

I could really go on about this, but imagine for a moment that you are Source creating the material world, knowing that you will manifest yourself into a human vessel. This vessel is only human, and so it is limited in its consciousness. The spirits are ways for you as Source to give yourself magickal assistance in your human form, where you do not possess the fullness of your Omniscience and Omnipotence.

Once you have broken down the barriers more between fully material, mundane human consciousness and Source-God-consciousness, then what you are describing becomes more of a thing.

Having said that, though, there are symbols, archetypes, energies, and the like which are more effective than others because they more accurately reflect reality. Certain methods are also more effective because you have to deal with the reality of being a human being manifested in the material world. No matter how Godlike you may be, if you are still manifested in the material, you’re still in the material, playing by the material rules, sort of. Maybe the rules are the same for everybody, only magick makes those a bit more clear.


I know you said you want to stop relying on books, but if I had to recommend something, it would be to read (and finish, and apply) these three:

  • Liber Null & Psychonaut (Peter J. Carroll)
  • The Phase (M. Raduga)
  • The Feeling is the Secret (Neville Goddard).

These, I think, should give you a solid foundation. Chaos magick, universally applicable. AP/OOBE. And the Law of Consciousness, which in my humble opinion, is the mechanism by which all magick works.

I don’t rely on books any longer unless I need to find a seal/sigil or evocation keys. Memorise a banishing ritual and an opening/invoking ritual. Memorise pathworkings. Personally I just prefer to work under my own steam. Two successful same-day manifestations yesterday (and two more already in the pipeline today) literally just by thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if…” and/or telling myself “X will occur.”

Honestly even if you ignore books entirely, you can still work without them. Meditation, trance, imagination, and intent go a lot further than you might believe.


I see what you mean. Most of my books do come from a wider array of authors than just the one’s affiliated with BALG though, but that exacerbates my tendency to dabble here and there without focus. I find myself being limited by lack of limits.

I’ll do what you recommend though and start slowly and intently. Branching out when the time is right rather than by fancy.


And to do this all I can do is practice, and ingrain these ideas into my being, right?

Thank you, I will commit to learning these books first and foremost. Your description of them makes me think that they will have some of the answers I seek

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You don’t need books. The only thing that works is your consciousness.
Begin with meditating. You can come up with your own rituals if you wish but just spend time in meditation – the longer the better. You can also practice using your imagination to the point of belief. This is all you really need. Rituals create the “physical connection” that often aids conviction, but that’s all they can do.


Mushrooms, Kundalini, Scrying, Astral Mystery Schools, Telepathic Networks, Akashic Records…

This is something a lot of people get caught in, they study study and study but they study more than they actually practice

This phase is necessary but it does keep the consciousness in the lower realms of learning, the serpent within already knows because it’s not inside of time

If you are in a phase of reading, I suggest leaning off of ceremonial and ritual magick and I’d just meditate for like 2-3 hours a day, to develop your energy and your senses

The reading part can give a platform to get downloads from so it still serves its purpose, as you do this every aspect of your practice will enhance

Meditation is the greatest multitask, even the dragons will tell you that, it is the center of all magick, mysticism and development, you won’t get far without it

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I second Veil, you bought the books for a reason, but you’re not practicing and magick is a practical skill.
If the problem with the other books is you have a feeling you’re looking for something, but it’s not in them, then you’re right, reading more isn’t where it’s at. But if you DO wat’s in the books then you’ll start to build a toolbox of practical skills that you don’t have to read to do.

Otherwise, it’s like learning the streets of a city with a map but never going to the city, you will never really know what the city is like.

I’d pick just one book that you have already started for now, and work it. But the M Raguga book is a great foundational start if the other books have turned you off. Raduga has a youtube under his name with a full 3 day seminar posted that is helpful as well, and you can listen to while doing other things if time is an issue. I think what he called the Phase is what we call TGS.

The big takeaway, if do some kind of practice daily. Doesn’t have to be the same practice, but do something every day. Energy cultivation, remote viewing practice, Phase techniques, divination: build your psychic skills. Then the info will start to come to you and the whole world becomes magick all the time.


Yes, just practice.

Practice consistently and practice intelligently, and that will yield experiences and abilities.

Let’s say you want to learn the violin. Practice 4-6 days per week, at least one hour every day, think about what you’re doing, always be in the zone of desirable difficulty where progress is made, eventually you’ll have virtuosic ability.

Magick is a bit different, but a similar principle applies. Do magick to get results, be in the practice, make it important, and the evolution occurs.


This is very true. :+1: :+1: :+1: Meditation is ground work for all magick but it take some time for alot of people to know this.

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Yes @Zabazu22 its possible to never really on books but let take example in academics, even the most reputable professor wont write a book before reading other peoples work.

Though magick and science are different disciplines but there are some similarities. No matter how powerful and advanced magician you may be there is still a room for others people work on your practice, otherwise you will narrow your knowledge and experience.

The problem is NOT THE BOOKS but HOW ARE YOU USING THE BOOKS. Here are few problems majority of people have,

  1. Reading more than practicing.

  2. Wanting to be powerful in short span of time.

  3. To get powerful results with less work. If you pick up a spell book and you cast a spell and it doesnt work, a person starts to find another book with more potent spells while he was supposed to look why the spell didnt work. The problem may not be the spell but you.

  4. Thinking the power comes from the books. People read a lot searching for that secret grimoire to be their holy grail. They think if you get a book with powerful spells and rituals then you will be powerful magician of all time.


  1. The power of magick does not come from the books but within you. The book is more like a guide and to elaborate the theory of magick but the power of magick lies within you. The book doesn’t give you the power but you give the power to the spells in the book.

  2. never look for a book but make the book to find you. There are times when we want to practice something but you have little/limited information and suddenly you come across a title somewhere ad you will be “This is what i was looking for :hear_no_evil:” if you use that approach then reading will be part of your enjoyment.

One way of avoiding this, magick is broad if you will want to dive in into everything then you will end up with nothing, Find a pattern on magick that is fine with you and stick with it. Whether is divination, evocation, chakra work, mantra magick/ anything but find one thing and stick with it. You will see you knowledge expand over some time and your magick to have more foundation.

This is a very regular phase for most people, you feel you need someone to guide you etc, but in reality you need to find yourself. What you really want, your desires, what you want magick to do for you/ what you want to contribute to the magick community, there are plenty of questions but the key question is to contemplate to find what you really want but don’t give a person power to tell you what to do that is something only you can decide.

My key point on that, you don’t need anybody you only need to know yourself.

Though you don’t want books anymore but i will suggest you one, Zanna blaise, 72 sigils of power. Is not hardcore suggestion but possibly is what you need.

Good luck.


This highlights another difficulty to be fair.
In my case (and I’m sure with many beginners) it is difficult to gauge where I stand. I can read journals from other magicians to see what they do but not directly how powerful the work is, what effect it has on their reality. Im mostly speaking about high magick here, and development of skills, not so much money rituals and the like, which beyond fulfilling my Maslow-ian pyramid I do not actively seek

Its hard (for me at least) to have a comparative dialogue with this kind of thing since its incorporeal.
In keeping with the violin metaphor, to me its like learning to play the violin while never hearing music before.

I think you are best off completely abandoning the thought of supernatural or psychic abilities altogether. Although there are methods that in my experience tend to bring out this sort of energy more than more material-oriented magick, what I see people do is get stuck on trying to accomplish something that is either simply not possible or that is a thing, just not how they are imagining it.

If you really want to go down this path, then I’d suggest learning to meditate from the book The Mind Illuminated. If you don’t want to meditate, then you shouldn’t be concerning yourself with High Magick development. If you want to summon angels, or demons, that’s fine, but if you have within your mind some notion of some Great Occult Work, and you don’t want to meditate, don’t bother, just do magick to get results.

I’m sort of getting the vibe that you may be trying to find something like what I have seen some Golden Dawn influenced practitioners do, like a “to-do” list of occult exercises like banishing rituals and middle pillars. That is not what I would recommend. You’ll maybe feel some energy but that’s not particularly interesting.

If all you care about is magick, then what is stopping you from dropping everything, shaving your head, and joining a monastery? I’m completely serious. Otherwise, you probably want to do something with your life, like have a career, achieve things, find satisfaction in your activities. Magick should never be escapism, but something that gives more to your material life.

What do you want to do? Out of all your books, energies, methods, what do you actually feel like doing, and what are you hoisting on yourself because you feel some sort of obligation?

My cop-out answer is to just recommend Success Magick, mystical angel magick that helps you materially while opening gateways to the Enochian Heavens. This does qualify as enlightenment magick.

My challenge in trying to answer this question is that the only answer is to allow magick to guide you, but at the same time, that’s something that you have to learn, and to learn it, it really helps to have reliable grimoires with effective magickal methods that get you connected to deep and ancient powers, which are what can help you attain the knowledge you seek.

Consider this, though. What sort of an enlightened being can’t even manifest a magickal result? What the hell is the point in “being a living god” if you report to a manager making $12/hour while you make $7.25? Why don’t you tell your manager you’re a living god.

Yeah but Jesus was homeless! Jesus also started a cult, you know, fuckin hustling, getting after it, building an organization, making it happen, performing miracles, and that was part of the brand.

This is where it starts to devolve. Bunch of living gods using their enlightenment to delight in the pleasures of the material world, clearly.