I want to see how many teenagers are on here

I’ve just only heard from people who are older and im 15 and hoping to find some new friends off of here that are interested in magic also.


well friends that are around my age. Also i apologize if this is off topic on here i was just curious

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I’m 16. I haven’t really ran into anyone else who was around my age either.


hii im 16 :smiley:


Hi there!

how are youu

Pretty good, just working on my senses currently. And reading a unhealthily amount on the forum.

me everyday lol. I was trying to meditate tonight but i got nowhere so i gave up

I find that the trick is to find a meditation that your comfortable with and do it daily at the exact same time.

well i heard that u can do it lying down so i’ve been meditating that way. Do you see anything when you meditate or just blackness

This forum isn’t really designed for minors, so I would hope you are all on here with the consent of the adult guardian responsible for your wellbeing.

And yes I know that looks Victorian, but I am completely serious.

We cannot net-nanny people, nor substitute for your offline legal guardians, and this forum discusses adult topics.

So I’m afraid I’m closing this rather than give the impression we openly welcome having minors on here, sorry.