I want to seduce my (married) christian therapist

Just to see if I can. I know it’s probably a bad idea with a tonne of consequences for both his career and mine. yet the dreams I have about fulfilling it are extensive.just to see how far I can stretch my magickal ability. These dreams give me explicit details of which spirits I need to summon and extensive ritual instructions. I keep entertaining the idea. Once I forget it and forget about him, sure enough it will pop up in a dream. And these dreams are beautiful and glorious and elaborate. But as I explore the chasms of my unconscious, searching for what compels me to seduce this therapist. I am unable to extract what exactly about this situation is so compelling. The fact that he is a safe male authority figure, perhaps? Or is it the raw sexual tension that unravels between us, despite him being old enough to be my father. I am not one with’daddy issue’s, but I feel drawn to this man in an inexplicable way. Even knowing he is happily married, with a (most likely from my astral perception of his family) beautiful wife and son. Even knowing he is a devout Christian who goes to church every Sunday. Which makes me even more curious about him. He is very philosophical. He commands authority. He is intelligent and tells enchanting and philosophical stories. The way he speaks about his son is truly passionate. He has overcome and conquered his demons to make himself successful at his career. I want to emulate him in every way I can. I want to embody his ideal attributes.

I would immediately just wipe this off as another case of. Transference. But I don’t think this is the case. We have crossed paths a number of times… and I have only seen him ONCE for therapy one on one. This was only a few weeks ago. And it took me months to work up the courage to make that sessio. After that session he pointed out a few attributes of myself he had observed (I am flirtatious, I am a people pleaser and social chameleon) which turned me off the idea of him for awhile. But then bam. Another dream rendered me lovestruck. Complete with perplexing information regarding rituals that would render my astral longings into physical fulfillment.

I am fighting with every molecule in my being right now to be introspective and contemplate this entire situation.

I don’t expect a response… I am merely entertaining a notion that has been playing on my subconscious lately.

You could try the Seduction Talisman about which I posted in a thread called " 2 recent success stories "
It worked for me to seduce a girl


You can show him your Avatar pic ahemmm

[quote=“adhi69, post:2, topic:5965”]You could try the Seduction Talisman about which I posted in a thread called " 2 recent success stories "
It worked for me to seduce a girl


You can show him your Avatar pic ahemmm[/quote]

Hahaha nope that won’t work. Ues already pointed out I use my flirtatious charms as a defence mechanism! I’ll have to be more covert. I’ll check out the crafting of these seduction talismans though.


Like any demonic entity, Duke Sallos can perform his opposite function. So, rather than encouraging love and Fidelity, between your Christian counselor and his wife, it may be profitable to you to contract with Lord Sallos to remove those qualities from the marriage first.

Then, when your therapist is a more broken, vulnerable man, you will be in better position to influence him, which is where King Paimon could aid you. Or more brutally destructively, Prince Sitri. Of course, expect this to also negatively affect your therapy and his credibility in your eyes as he will become an object of your contempt.

And naturally, such seduction will destroy his son’s love and respect for the father should this perfidy be discovered. Then, again, if the marriage is already being torn apart and worn down, the entire family will be suffering spiritual/mental/emotional/physical agony anyhow, so it might be a mere drop in the bucket.

And with the loss of wifely love and respect, your therapist will have a dramatic decrease in self-respect which will be symbolically attached to every sexual encounter he has with you. So, rather than simple and pure bonding hormones such as oxytocin, relaxin, endorphins, etc. your physical and astral body will be filled with stress hormones relating to guilt and betrayal from his semen and sweat such as, cortisol, adrenaline, overabundance of testosterone.

Sounds like a recipe for more time and $$$ spent on your therapy, to me. But to each her own. Lol. Although, as a fellow Christian, I’ll pray Satan throws every possible obstacle in your path, as well as Lucifer shining his scintillating illumination on your designs, in the name of God, Architect of the Universe, through Christ, Author of Mercy.

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Also, for a Christian, marriage is viewed as eternal union in many if not most cases, and contracted as such.

Having worked extensively with Belial this topic, it is fairly clear that depending on the husband and wife’s particular vows and precise wording, as well as symbolic reasoning of marriage, it may be more or less difficult a proposition, so if your therapist is striving to align himself with the higher power, Divine Grace (Christ), then this will require a fair amount of energy, likely blood.

The marriage contract between husband and wife is one of the most potent pacts/agreements/relationships in existence. Dissolution is second only to death in terms of psychic turmoil.

From Black’s Law Dictionary

from marriage contract and constituting its
object, and therefore embracing what the parties
agree to perform towards each other and to society.

MARRIAGE. Marriage, as distinguished from
the agreement to marry and from the act of becoming
married, is the civil status, condition, or
relation of one man and one woman united in law
for life, for the discharge to each other and the
community of the duties legally incumbent on
those whose association is founded on the distinction
of sex.

A contract, according to the form prescribed by
law, by which a man and woman, capable of entering
into such contract, mutually engage with
each other to live their whole lives together in the
state of union which ought to exist between a husband
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The word also signifies the act, ceremony, or
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furnished by an intended marriage of two
persons. It is the highest consideration known to
the law. (Refers to Divine Law, not only common or commercial law)

FRAUD. An intentional perversion of truth for
the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon
it to part with some valuable thing belonging to
him or to surrender a legal right; a false representation
of a matter of fact, whether by words or
by conduct, by false or misleading allegations,
or by concealment of that which should have been
disclosed, which deceives and is intended to deceive
another so that he shall act upon it to his
legal injury. Brainerd Dispatch Newspaper Co.
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way by which another is cheated.