I want to perform an important experiment, and I could really use your help

Hello again, BALG. This time I need your help with a more minor experiment, way more minor, but it’s something that’s of great interest to me.

This may be a bit controversial, but I really need your assistance now.

All you have to do is send a demon or a god to me (preferably a demon (that’s to say, a demonic face of a god because they’re the same)), and have it describe my physical appearance to you. Also, try to get my real life FIRST name. This one’s important. That’s it.

Would you do that for me?

P.S. PM your answers; don’t type them in the comments!


Sorry, I can’t be of help to you. My energy is drained these days.
But this intrigues me… out of curiosity, which God would we need for the ritual?

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Anyone. Any god or demon you feel comfortable with / closest with. It doesn’t matter.

I’d prefer if a person were to send a demon to me, and have it report it to the caster this information about me.

This experiment is very, very important to me.


If someone could do this ritual correctly, I’d be really amazed…

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I just hope someone would agree to this. I can understand how touchy and controversial this sort of thing can be. It may seem like I’m challenging people’s skills, calling them out, but that’s not my intention.

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Do u think someone can actually do it?

Yes, I am almost certain of it. The person won’t do much work, just send a demon to me. The demon will be the one who’ll look at me, and report back to the person.

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Like correctly do this. Your name and appearance.

My name, yes. I’m almost 100% certain (because one can never be 100% certain!) the demon will get my name. But my appearance, this is what I’m most curious about. Don’t get me wrong, the name is very important. I wonder how the demons perceive, among other things.


Is using a demon necessary? What if someone could do it without a demon? Like if there was something that could help them have a vision about you. A connection… idk

Absolutely. Because a demon’s perception is that which interests me, not human’s astral perception.

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Wouldnt you want them to pm your the info? That way you can let multiple people try without being influenced by others responses?


Sure. Are you willing to perform in this experiment?

Great idea for an experiment. Unfortunately I can’t be of help as of yet, as I still need to fine tune my skills for communications with entities. But this is BALG, so I’m sure people will lend a hand.

This I too would recommend👌


Edited my post. Thanks.

I could try. Can I have three tries? I’ll pm you the results of course.

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Yes, three tries are acceptable. When will you send the demon to me, though? Now? Later?

Give me an hour. Im on my way home from work.

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Alright. I’ll be around for about 2-3 hours. Afking, and so on.

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Anyone else willing to participate? I could use more candidates.