I want to make a pact

Hi I’m an 18 year old artist who’s been at it for about a year now, over the time I’ve grown a small following and have people who genuinely enjoy my music, I would say I can actually make something out of this. Therefore I would like to make a pact or deal with any entity who can help me, I’ve heard about the crossroads ritual but haven’t been able to find any real instructions on how to go about doing it…if anyone has any idea on what I can do I’m willing to try. I’ve been at a low point in life for some time now and feel like I have nothing to loose so why not give it a shot.

Please try using the search function on the upper right of the screen. There are plenty of threads with information on how to make a pact, and there are also many threads about spirits to help with musical careers.

You don’t need a crossroads for a simple pact.


@Azazels are you still around?