I want to know if BALG read my grimoire

About 2 weeks ago I sent a manuscript for my 4 page long chaos magick grimoire “The Wonderful Fucked Up Grimoire Of Super Turbo Jobovan”. I uploaded the pages in a private youtube video, for which I have provided the link when I filled out the form. I know 4 pages isn’t long but it’s powerpacked with gnosis I had from experiences described.

On the page where I filled the form it says it takes normally 7 days to get a reply. I would like to know if anyone has seen it, or if it got refused or anything.

Please don’t feel like I’m stressing you. I encourage you to relax. If you have a lot of books to read I perfectly understand.

James Whitewick-Bonenfant

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If you have questions concerning your sent grimoire try contacting Timothy. :slight_smile:
But I am sure they are going to evaluate and send a response sooner or later, don’t worry.

Thank you very much

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