I want to introduce myself

Hello I am Astralmaster. I was an hardcore atheist for some years, I did not believe in any kind of god/deity or magic. Everything was natural for me, paranormal things were imaginations only. One day I stumbled across a channel called “Thanatos TV” and watched a video with Dr.Oliver Lazar and his paranormal activities after that I watched another video with Dr.Thomas Campbell where he talked about conciousness and how it isn´t material and after that I really got interested in the topic ,non material conciousness…After some days I started my research, long story, short explanation I started to realise how unlogical materialism is. Because I was so interested in the topic, I started to search books, there was one that nailed my faith into spirituality, “The Science Delusion, why materialism is false” By Dr.Rupert. Sheldrake, in this book he destroyed the philosophy of materialism and showed why the materialistic dogmas like: “Conciousness is only in the brain…” are false. After some long books (!Burkhard Heims! 6 dimensionale Welt by Illobrand von Ludwiger , The holographic universe by Michael Talbot…) I started to practice things like remote viewing and made some unbelievable experiences that according to materialism should be impossible. Now I am a very spiritual person and ex atheist/materialist that is happy that it found his faith. This was just a very short story about me, maybe I will write more about myself soon.


Welcome to the forum.

Where are you from (general is fine)?

What are you looking to learn next?

Anything you’re not interested in?


How long have you practiced?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

I am practicing RV with breaks, but actually I do it since 6 months . If meditating with Saraswati counts as magic then I had an experience. How I said in my text before, I started with the theoretical knowledge first but I want to start with the practical and also expand my knowledge.This is how I found this extremely nice community.

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First I want to learn how to create thoughtforms, how to increase my skills or gain new talents
I am very open minded, soon I will see what I like and what I do not like


Have you read any of Carl Jung works?

Actually I am going to but no, I am a newbie.