I want to help someone

My friend owes 25k to the government and had to give up the house, government staff was banging the door until it opens multiple times. I wanna help this person out and earn lots of money. Now I know I don’t practice magick now but this one is an emergency. Which demons or fast working spirit to summon? Or shall I keep it to prayers?

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Try saying prayers to any pantheon leaders

Affirmations would be helpful but if you really want to help him -

1.) Lodestone
2.) photograph (inscribe full name and DOB on back)
3.) Iron filings
4.) A sigil made from the phrase “May riches make their way and stay.”
5.) Black candle (“inscribe with a sigil made from the phrase “Debt be gone.”
6.) White Candle and Green
7.) A regular rock and some twine.

This needs to be done in two parts.
Part 1.)

A. Paint the rock black and with every spray or brush stroke declare that this rock symbolizes the debt of your friend.
B.) Tie the twine around the rock and the base of your black candle now inscribed with the sigil you have created. Charge the sigil and declare your intent in use symbolism. This literally is the “ball and chain” of debt.
C.) light the candle and let it burn for seven days. If done correctly, the candle with light the twine and release your friend from their financial debt.

Banish now this financial debt
Banish now the behavior that led to regret,
Money comes and money goes,
So does debt, we discard away,

Gods of Riches release him from financial burdens,
Hear me now, the wheel of fortune now turning,
As this black candle burns away,
The twine aflame releases him this day.

Part 2.)

So you’re gonna place the lodestone on top of his picture (with a draw riches sigil on the back as well as the other stuff) and feed the lodestone the iron filings. Inscribe the intent that you want him to improve himself and correct the behaviors that led to this situation on the white candle.

On the green candle write the same sigil as is on the back of the photograph and say:

Elements of earth so deep,
I call forth your riches to forever keep,
Fill the coffers of ———-, my friend,
Put their finances on the mend,

From the depths spring to pocket,
Money, gold, diamonds, and lock it,
End the financial trials they face,
Send them in a richer place,

My will be done.


As always, modify to your practice style. :heart:

I hope this helps!


Totally realized I neglected to answer your question - if you’re looking for riches you can bring Jupiterian planetary magic; there’s an abundance of information on that here.

Plutonic magic is sublime riches but it’s gained from the “underside” of society. In this case it would not be prudent.

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Wow thank you!!!

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Just keep your eyes on the prize when you’re doing this!!!

It’s always good to remember magic compounds over time - part one of the spell (if you really want to ensure an impact) should be done over several days of a waning moon starting the day after the full moon just as part two should be started when the moon starts waxing moon into the next full moon. Plan around your calendar.

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