I want to grow as a magician

Hi all. I wanted to ask you some tips or guidance…
Up until now my only magick has been following the Gallery of Magick and Power of Magick way, which tends to skim down the practice to focus on the physical results.
I don’t know how you people here feel about this way of doing magick, if you consider it too basic, but it’s given me great satisfaction so far.
I’d say what I want to gain here is mostly spiritual; I already feel confident in my ability to use magick to gain materialistic gains or to sway people into favorable situations (mostly with the Goetia, the Archangels and the spirits from “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons”).

But I yearn to have experiences similar to those I read in this forum, and what I’ve done before isn’t enough for me!
I made a list of areas I want to focus and improve, any help I can get will be much appreciated :slight_smile:
I made it in the order of what I feel is more important for me, but that could always change I guess.

  1. Astral senses / lucid dreaming
    My visualization skills are not that terrible but for some reason it seems to be much better with my eyes open (like when I perform the Sword banishing from a book by Damon Brand), but when I close them and do a pathworking (usually to Raziel or a Goetia demon), it gets more difficult.
    Fortunately, one week ago I had my first incomplete and blurry vision of Dantalion, and it brought great joy! Didn’t happen again though… I was doing this guided meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwFX0RHzSIY

  2. Third eye / conversation with spirits.
    I guess it kind of overlaps with 1)… here in this forum I read that Azazel and Uphin are more than capable of helping me achieve those results, but I was hoping someone could point out some detailed resources on how to contact them, or how I can tell if I’m ready to do so.
    I’m a student in a medical field, and I would love to have guidance from some spirits or deities associated with knowledge. Perhaps even possession for when I have to work, to maximize my learning.

  3. Out of body
    Would be a dream come true! I just purchased a book by John Kreiter, I’ll see how it goes.
    P.S.: could also be used to imagine sex in a satisfactory way, right? Perhaps kinds of sex that are usually frowned upon or that my partner is not comfortable with?

  4. Past lives
    I guess most of my desires stem from curiosity. Curiosity to see things, to learn. Much like 3), I can’t even begin to imagine how much knowing all my past experiences could give me wisdom today.

  5. Working with deities
    I’m a fairly nerdy guy in the mythology field :smiley: I taught myself ancient greek and I’m currently learning hebrew (via duolingo though, for now), and the prospect of contacting greek of norse gods is so exciting…

  6. Divination
    My first experience with tarot was with Jodorowsky’s book and deck. This author only talks about tarot as a psychological tool, and maybe for this reason I don’t really feel attracted to it as a divination tool.
    I got a book about runes though, they do fascinate me.

  7. Shadow work:
    I’ve almost no idea what that even means, please help :frowning:

  8. Vampirism
    Is it possible to draw energy from a person to make them weaker, as in a form of attack?
    That would be my main goal, and I’d love to learn how to.
    I read about Lilith and meditation on the Kelipot tree, but I guess I would have to meditate on the kabbalistic tree first?

  9. Health.
    I am pretty healthy, but just like anyone I have my issues (mainly scoliosis, which gives me lower back pain). I assume working on the physical is the most advanced magick, right?
    That’s why it’s the last on the list.


Well, getting results is pretty much the cornerstone. Also, I really like The Power of Magick books. In other words, you’re on the right track.

That’s cool. But remember to take everything with a pinch of salt. I used to believe everything people told me. Bad move.

Your list is very cool and all, but I feel it is A LOT.

So I propose you this: why don’t you make this thread a journal about your progress? You can make entries about what you’re currently working in and then get help with specific questions about specific rituals/spells/reading material.

If you want to do this, any regular user here can change the thread’s title and section of the forum it is in.


Never compare yourself to the people on this forum. Most of what is detailed here may never happen to you, and most likely doesn’t even happen to the majority of magical practitioners. By comparing your experiences you may wind up thinking you’re doing something wrong, when you are not.

I speak from experience, because I used to do the same, always wondering why I wasn’t having demons showing up for some wild sex, or why some goddess hadn’t come down and pronounced me her king. Fortunately, Belial set me straight when he told me that Spirit moves in its own time, so have patience, and never to compare myself to someone else because we all have different paths and gifts.

The Gallery of Magick works are great magick, and you could easily plumb the depths of them for the rest of your life and still not unlock all their secrets. Sure, the Gallery simplified a lot, but what is contained within their system is deep magick.


Hmm, how would that work exactly? You mean I would ask in other topics for information and make one post per element of the list and edit it each time I have some progress? it does sound interesting

I guess limits are what make every experience interesting… although it is a bit disheartening to think that some things will always be out of your reach ahah

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Nothing will always be out of your reach. However, some things may simply happen in a different way for you than for someone else, that’s all.

For example, some people get absolutely solid manifestations of spirits, while others, try as they might, are only lucky enough to barely get a sense of presence. However, their magick still brings results just the same.

Work on yourself. Develop your skills in whatever way you can. Make your goal not to be like the people here, but to become the very best magician you can possibly be, and along the way, the spiritual world will open up its secrets to you and give you experiences everyone else will envy.



Communication, but not actual conversation.


No, only vague stuff.



No to both, whatever shadow work is.

Yes, but few listen.


Basically, a journal is that: a log of your progress. Take a look around for other people’s journals to see it working.

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Crack books. e.g. The Egyption Book of the Dead, Vedas, Tao Te Ching, Ars Goetia, Corpus Hermeticum, Kybalion, and the Quareia.

Practice and study rites.

Remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Be patient and careful. Stay resolute.

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do things step by step. Be realistic like a scientist. Log your progress. Most stuff you hear isn’t true for all. Whatever people experience is their interpretations of their experience. Maybe its in their head. True for them but not for you. Test test test for results. Start small until skills of magick improve. YOu have access to so many potential with those two publishers you mentioned. You just have to be creative in your petitions. You may think they are not enough since the process is quality check to use the practical methods for magick. They aren’t. Better to keep the essence core than a bunch of fluff added that waste time. Them company did not skim down. They made it practical for modern day usage. Don’t belittle the magick cuz it’s just the core essence and take less time. It’s called evolution of magick. No longer do we need months and weeks to cast a spell…

Your magick evolve as you evolve as a being. So explore everything. Learn everything that interest you not just magick. They call it transference of knowledge/skills in one area to another. Many things you learn in life can enhance you magick. do not lock yourself in a magick box of magick subject only. See the forest not just the tree.

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I want to grow as a Magician.

Well, pm me your plastic card details together with your postal address and I’ll send you Magickal Grade certificates printed on imitation parchment – signed by me! Just think of it! I can make you ‘an Invisible, Typhonian Monitor of the Secret Corridor’ or whatever suits you. I’m here to help.


Very true
I only see Arhangels as shape of lights while meditating with them still the resuls were very palpable :wink:

Their help comes first and then with time and exercises many more visible manifestations

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I can screenshot throu my books and send you exercises for meditation , 5 astral exercices and lucid dreams throu PM if you want
And 1 question : fluor ? Have you tried to reduce it from your daily basis?


Sounds to me that you want to work on you psychic development! Since you already can get a tangible results on other areas why not cast something to boost your psyche? Work with the moon and mercury to help you grow as a magician!

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Please be aware @Jorjet that exchanging any copyrighted material through PM is a violation of forum rules.

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Hiya I’m still a newbie but I’ll share what I know.

  1. Your heart chakra is supposed to ontrol astral projection so work on it. A nice method someone gave was the moment out wake up keep eyes closed and physically just lift fingers up and down pretending o play a piano lateR give reality check try to poke a finger through your hand if you can then roll over and fall into another realm.

2.so do meditation until trance like with Bak straight head up breathing in through nose take a full breath hold until it’s uncomfortable then with entire exhale say the word TOOHHHH. If our do it write you can feel the vibration in your forehead. You place your tounge against your upper teeth. Do the word TOOHHHH for three days in a row and then do the word Mayyy. Also throat chakra is supposed to help with hearing so insider opening it to.

3 somthing I need to start doing again aswell get a plastic eye ball and try to place your sight into the ball roll it around a corner and see what’s there. Just a basic training idea. Also my knowledge is alot about sexual and stuff like that.

4 good luck with accessing your Akashic records you can go to the scan threads and ask someone to scan past life I did but apperently I placed a seal on my records before reincarnation.

  1. So it’s a weird approach to it but ask them a question and then channel them and speak there answer. It’s not something I’m great at but somthing that’s cool.

  2. Get a pendulum for simple questions. So runes are like insanely in-depth how much meaning a single letter has to it. The BALG book had a great basic Intro into divination. My only advice is to physically try to feel the energy of the rune or card what ever our using.

  3. Me neither but I know you need to let darkness into you, I seen it like clearly the first time I fasted for spiritual enlightenment like I could see the darkness rising all around me as I breathed it in., The people with me could see it to.

  4. So yea use this website for gaini g energy manipulation control it’ll be a part in it. PS this web site is like omg so helpful

  5. So just believe in yourself and know that your intentions are true your cause just. Also make it know to the spirit world that anytime you attempt magic that you would like them to cast through you so you can see the magic first hand and get an idea of how it works. I’ve only done a few minor healings and once shot the star of David out of my hand at a car crash victim. I just basically just knew my intention is to heal and that I will move energy. It helped me to tell the person that I was going to heal them. Intune with nature can be helpful to get the right flow of energy o do a healing. Also consider Sapien Medicine and other forms of YouTube programming. He has one for spirit removal to if you ever don’t feel up to casting a banishment but need to remove the spirits. It’s painful to spirits the frequency they make most will just leave. Heal others from a slight distance of like a foot or more until you know how to properly cleanse yourself and then do hands on.
    So yea reach into the big knot at the base of your neck grab it and pull it out one notch at a time you should feel the notches rising out this will allighn your chakra points in your spine and help with over all alighnment once you place them back into yourself continue to hold onto them and with power command that they allighn as you say allighn I’ve been able to actually pop my back befor doing this. But yea most of my experiences are from a befor I had trama I’m not nearly as capable as I was.

So yea hope this helped message me or reply o me if our have any questions or what not. The biggest key in doing magic is belief trust in your ability to just randomly do magic when you attempt tell yourself it might not work Everytime but I know I’ll accomplish this task one o these attempts.


Hi Jorjet.
Can you share this with me please. I am trying to activate my astral senses through meditations.

Read the Emerald Tablets.