I want to get a hold of my exam paper how

It sounds like I am trolling or ridiculousor even lazy, but before you make those assumptions I want to let yall know I have a compelling and fair reason to why I am asking this. People trying to say ‘‘study’’ or advise, I have to politely decline that I am not looking for that sort of information. Comments with reference to whether this might or might not work, being a waste of time, how to perform etc are welcome as long as they are constructive, it does not matter whether it is supportive or against of what I am posting. After all, this is posted under black magick

Anyhoo, I would like to know if I can get a copy of the exam paper I am sitting for next week via black magick so I can prepare for the questions beforehand

What do you mean??

Access the Akashic Records and retrieve it.


Maybe remote viewing would work? :thinking:

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It would if you got to about Stage 8 CRV, which can take years of training. Basic is stages 1 and 2. If he could do that he probably wounln’t be asking this question.

CRV ? What is it ?

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CRV=crazy remote viewing, lol I have no idea. But to the OP, maybe reach out to orobas?

Do you know where I could find one to help me? Doesnt have to be for free though

I’m sorry, they won’t do this. Any saying they’re at this level, that takes money to do it, isn’t what they say they are and can’t be trusted. They’re allover facebook, and they’re as fake as facebook is.

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